Nightlands joins Secretly Canadian’s roster


Secretly Canadian just can’t get enough of local multi-instrumentalist David Hartley. In 2008, the Bloomington, Indiana-based indie-rock label released Wagonwheel Blues, the debut full-length by Philly’s own The War On Drugs (in which Hartley plays bass); the label will also release the band’s upcoming 12″ LP, Future Weather, on October 28th. But now, Secretly Canadian wants the whole kit and caboodle, reports Philebrity. The label has signed Hartley’s bedroom recording project, Nightlands, to its roster, and will release its debut album Forget The Mantra on November 9th in the U.S. on vinyl and digital formats.

Hartley has worked with a number of other local bands in the past, including Buried Beds, BC Camplight, and The Lindsey Buckingham Appreciation Society. So it comes as little surprise that, while putting the tracks to tape, he opted to invite a few pals over for feedback and collaboration. A listen to the two songs made available on Secretly Canadian’s website reveals the end result to be warm, pastoral dream-pop with hymnal qualities. If Hartley’s work with The War On Drugs feels like the perfect soundtrack for a drive through one of Bruce Springsteen’s working-class neighborhoods, Nightlands would make a great accompaniment for a post-six-pack stroll through the starlit fields that lie just beyond the edge of the city.



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