In Grenada’s Break: A debut album so nice, they’re releasing it twice

In Grenada

In Grenada‘s debut album, Break—which the local pop quartet self-released earlier this year—is set for an officially official national release tomorrow. Which means, if you didn’t pick up a copy back in July at the band’s record-release show (with Busses and New Motels at Johnny Brenda’s), you’ve got no excuse not to do so now.

It also means any local music blogs that didn’t originally take note of the album the first time around (because, uh, they didn’t exist back then) have a perfect reason to cover it now. So look for our review of Break later this week. In the meantime, give a listen to the two tracks below, the album’s jangly opener “Distance And Temptation” and the “whoa-ooh”-backing-vocals-laden “Hills (Flooded Valleys).”



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