Kiss your eardrums goodbye: Merzbow tonight at International House


MerzbowLong before the cool kids realized they could save themselves a ton of effort by ditching their live instruments and performing on stage with nothing but a Macbook, there was Merzbow—basking in the soft glow of his laptop while captivating live audiences with a series of simple keystrokes. Sure, from a visual perspective, it’s about as thrilling as watching Bob from accounting crunch numbers in his dull, gray cubicle. But, oh!—what auditory delights await those who quiver with anticipation at the mere mention of ear-shattering static, screeching feedback, and abrasive electronics. You might as well leave the earplugs at home: there is no protection that can save your sense of hearing from the symphony of technological terror Merzbow unleashes from his fingertips. Merzbow performs with Charles Cohen at 8 p.m. at International House; tickets are $15.



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