The Key Studio Sessions 14-song sampler: Give us your email address (and first-born child) and we will give you free music

The Dead Milkmen Key Studio Sessions
The Dead Milkmen

It’s safe to say that we’re pretty excited about having our own top-notch recording studio right here in the WXPN office. Not only does it afford us lowly Key staffers the slight chance of brushing elbows with, say, Janelle Monae or one of the members of Superchunk while they’re downstairs recording a World Cafe session with David Dye—but it also means we get to bring in some of our favorite local bands for in-house interviews and recording sessions as well.

Every week, Y-Rock On XPN’s John Vettese invites a different Philly band into the WXPN studio for The Key Studio Sessions, which we’ll post on Wednesdays. (Most recently, we’ve put up performances by Busses and The Dead Milkmen; tomorrow, we’ll post a new session with Party Photographers.) The thing is, John’s actually been bringing local bands into the WXPN studio since before The Key ever existed—which means we’ve got a ton of archived material that we want to give to you. All you have to do is go here and give us your name and email address; we’ll immediately send you the download link for a 14-song sampler that includes performances by bands such as East Hundred, The Great Unknown, Drink Up Buttercup, Dangerous Ponies, Adam And Dave’s Bloodline, Birdie Busch, The Sky Drops, and more.



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