Helen Leicht’s Local Pick Of The Day: Matt Santry’s “A Box That’s Always Empty”

Matt Santry

Matt Santry‘s “A Box That’s Always Empty” has a little bit of everything for fans of contemporary singer-songwriter pop-rock: ringing acoustic guitar chords, a piano counter-melody, shimmering synthesizers, a rhythm section that’s content with filling in the gaps, a triumphant, distorted-electric-guitar-filled bridge, and a bunch of “dah-dah dah-dah”‘s to kick off the vocals. But, perhaps most importantly, it’s got some seriously time-tested lyrical subject matter: a lonely human being who’s just looking for a little love—mostly to distract them from taking a much-needed, introspective examination of their otherwise empty existence. So, when Santry belts out “Sheeeee wiiiiill faaaaaaaaaall iiiiin loooooooooove,” near the end of the track, it might not actually be the best course of action for the song’s sad-sack protagonist. Especially if, as Santry sings earlier, she’s the kind of person who “gives her heart away with ease” and thinks “[love]’s the answer to every question she thinks of.” Hey lady, love isn’t going to help you, say, get your taxes done in a few months, you know? Matt Santry performs at 9 p.m. Friday, October 22nd, at Bucknell University’s 7th Street Cafe.



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