The Key Studio Sessions: T.J. Kong And The Atomic Bomb exorcise their musical demons


TJ Kong And The Atomic BombT.J. Kong And The Atomic Bomb were having a rough weekend. When we recorded the punkabilly five-piece at the tail end of Philly F/M Fest, each of their three appearances at had been marred by technical difficulties and instrument breakage. They felt cursed, and decided to open their session with a good old fashioned exorcism; from there, it was a mix of Kong songs new and very new, punctuated by upright bass, shreddy fiddle, a kick drum filled with plasticware, and a mason jar filled with some Jack Daniels concoction. Hopefully they’ve rested up in the month since, as the T.J. Kong Halloween Costume Ball Rock N’ Roll Murdershow (Sunday, October 31, at the Ukie Club in Northern Liberties) is poised to be the throwdown of the autumn.



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