Halloween Music Video Countdown: Whodini’s “Haunted House Of Rock”


We continue our Halloween Music Video Countdown today with this novelty rap treat from Whodini, an early to mid-80’s rap group from Brooklyn (before Brooklyn was overtaken by indie-rock hipsters). They had some hits back in the day with songs like “Friends,” “The Freaks Come Out At Night,” and “Five Minutes Of Funk.” They also had a novelty song that made the Halloween mixtape rounds with “The Haunted House Of Rock,” a synth-driven jam about a haunted house of rock where inside, there was “music bein’ played by The Grateful Dead,” and “Dracula was killin’ those Bloody Mary’s.” My favorite line from the song: “The Invisible man/where could he be? We know he got inside the party free.” There’s not much on the video to see; it’s a still shot of the cover of the 12-inch single. But the song, a rap equivalent of “The Monster Mash” still manages to hold up after all these years since its release in 1983.



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