Helen Leicht’s Local Pick Of The Day: Liz Longley’s “Free”

Liz Longley

What is the responsibility, emotional duress, or physical affliction that Liz Longley sings about being so free from in the closing track of this year’s Hot Loose Wire? Well, we like to think that, specifically, she’s no longer burdened with the tiresome task of polishing the many awards she’s won in the last year or so—including the 2010 Grand Prize Winner of the International Acoustic Music Awards, the 2010 Winner of the Chris Austin Songwriting Contest, and the 2009 Grand Prize Winner of the Rocky Mountain Folks Songwriters Showcase. But, more likely, she’s just singing about a general sense of freedom, one that keeps her “freer than a bird in flight” and “the Fourth of July.” (Wait, we thought freedom wasn’t free?) Either way, it’s an excellent closer to the all-acoustic album, the latest from the Downingtown-born, New-York-stationed singer-songwriter. Liz Longley’s next area appearance is at Sellersville Theater on Thursday, November 11th.



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