Tonight’s Concert Pick: “Philly Sings Philly” local cover series kicks off at The Fire

Andrew Lipke
Andrew Lipke performs 11/2 at The Fire

Love Andrew Lipke‘s “Mindgames,” but want to know how the rocking anthem would sound after being given the whimsical treatment by Hezekiah Jones‘ Raphael Cutrufello? Curious to hear how Suzie Brown‘s yearning vocals can completely change the tone of Ryan Tennis‘ road-weary “To The Moon?” Who eventually covers what is anybody’s guess, but one thing is for certain: the month-long, five-performance “Philly Sings Philly” series at The Fire features just about every acoustic-guitar-wielding singer-songwriter in town playing each others’ material. The series begins tonight, with performances by Andrew Lipke, Wissahickon Chicken Shack, Dawn Iulg, David James, Jessica McDowell, Scott Silipigni, and Susan Rosetti; notable names from later shows include the aforementioned Hezekiah Jones, Suzie Brown, and Ryan Tennis, as well as The Spinning Leaves, Sisters 3, Ross Bellenoit, Phil D’Agostino, and Joshua Park. Tonight’s performances begin at 8 p.m.; tickets to the show are $8.



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2 Responses to “Tonight’s Concert Pick: “Philly Sings Philly” local cover series kicks off at The Fire”

  1. Heyhey

    Very cool Idea.. But actually not “every acoustic-guitar-wielding singer-songwriter in town” is involved. This is a very select group of performers from a certain clique of friends… Although some great musicians are involved, alot of really cool musicians were left out..

  2. The Key

    Heyhey: Hence the inclusion of “just about.”

    I’m sure there were plenty of people left out. Of course, a five-night series that includes a whopping three dozen singer-songwriter acts is quite an achievement, from an organizational perspective—but, even with something that large and inclusive, there are bound to be some omissions. Anyone who’s ever tried to please everyone knows that it is next to impossible.

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