Helen Leicht’s Pick Of The Day: Johnny Miles & The Waywards’ “When The Saints Sleep”


Johnny Miles And The WaywardsWe could tell you all about what we think of Johnny Miles And The Waywards‘ new When The Saints Sleep—which would probably begin with, “Well, the title track is Helen’s Local Pick Of The Day, so obviously we think it’s awesome.” Or we could let Johnny tell you about it himself, as he’s quite the wordsmith: “Musically,” quips Johnny, “I guess it’s sort of a ‘contemporary-re-interpretation-of-a-chuck-berry-stones-y-kinda-high-energy-rock-and-roll-sound’ cake with a bit of a ‘ghostly-reverb-slight-desperation-delay’ icing, stuffed with some intense emotional imagery, laced with razor-sharp execution, and topped with a big ol’ bucket of brass (which is to say impudent-brazen-chutzpah-balls, not instruments).” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. The record-release show for Johnny Miles And The Waywards’ “When The Saints Sleep” with Joshua Park, Liz Fullerton, and Psalmships is at 9 p.m. Saturday, November 20th, at Johnny Brenda’s; tickets to the 21+ show are $10.



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