The Black Cab Sessions rides through Philadelphia, picks up Grandchildren and Reading Rainbow


The Black Cab Sessions“One song, one take, one cab”—that’s The Black Cab Sessions in a nutshell. Stuff as many members of a band (and their respective pieces of equipment) as possible in the back seat of a cab, then give them one shot at recording a song as the vehicle makes its bumpy way through town (usually the streets of London). The online video series—which has has been going on since May 2007—has featured performances by everyone from Weezer and Brian Wilson to Grizzly Bear and St. Vincent.

According to The Black Cab Sessions Twitter, they arrived in Philly on Sunday and—after taking care of the initial business of finding some doughnuts—went off in search of local rock and hip hop acts to record. As far as we can tell, they’ve already gone on joyrides with Philly’s Grandchildren (who just got back into town from tour), Reading Rainbow (who just left town for tour), and music blogger Mark Schoenveld; they’ll also be stopping by World Cafe Live tomorrow for the Free At Noon concert with Robert Randolph And The Family Band. You can check out all of the Black Cab Sessions videos (which includes a performance by Man Man) at the website. —Matthew Borlik

Black Cab Sessions Promo from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.



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2 Responses to “The Black Cab Sessions rides through Philadelphia, picks up Grandchildren and Reading Rainbow”

  1. Anonymous

    This is exciting – I highly recommend the session they did with Baby Dee ( Love the blog, by the way. This week’s disappearance of the “Local Pick of the Day” guest postings has been very welcome.

  2. trish

    there are also black cab sessions with the following FAN alumni: langhorne slim, coldwar kids, robyn hitchcock, ryan adams, calexico, martha wainwright, fanfarlo, lightspeed champion, the national, peter bjorn and john, the raveonettes

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