Mayor Nutter: “Rapper’s Delight” With DJ Jazzy Jeff


File under: We wish we would have been there department. Mayor Nutter breaks out “Rapper’s Delight” with DJ Jazzy Jeff at the opening of a Mitchell & Ness store. Where are The Roots when you need ’em? Thanks to Picture Philly for the tip on this. For deeper details on the event go to Philly Chit Chat



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2 Responses to “Mayor Nutter: “Rapper’s Delight” With DJ Jazzy Jeff”

  1. Aperronea

    Not bad…..The Mayor Can rap>>>>>!

  2. Linda

    OMG . . . . That Was Excellent!!!! You Did Not Even Get Out Of Breath!!!! Hello Mayor Nutter. My Name Is Linda Frye. I Use To Network With You And Your Administration, When You Were A Councilman. Did Not Know You Could Rap!!! Wow!!! Great Job!!!

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