Feast your ears on The Key Studio Sessions Thanksgiving Playlist

Google "turkey vinyl" and this is what you get. (Whatever, it's festive enough)

As producer of The Key Studio Sessions, I’ve got a lot to be thankful for this holiday: the wealth of musical talent in the Philadelphia region, and the number of those musicians who are stoked on performing for us. The incredible studio here at XPN where I can record, and this website where I can share those recordings with you. It’s been good vibes since The Key launched, for sure—but I promised Matt I wouldn’t go too Hallmark on everyone. So instead, I present you with The Key Studio Sessions Thanksgiving Playlist: a collection of 13 tracks from our archives, dating back to some of our earliest Philly Local sessions in 2008—when Jake Rabid and I used to record in Y-Rock’s broadcast studio (before moving over to the comparatively giant Live At The World Café performance space we use now). Ever wonder what a Marshall stack-wielding punk band sounds like when you squeeze them and all their gear in a tiny broadcast studio? Check out The Loved Ones’ rendition of “Louisiana” from April of ’08. (The answer: not bad, and no less impassioned.)

Most of these songs have a similar mood—warm, thoughtful, and/or sentimentalish, from Chris Archibald’s stirring solo performance of “Missing Piece” from Illinois’ March 2009 session, to Birdie Busch’s perennial favorite “Water” from earlier this year. Some are more melancholic (the haunting “Two Skeletons” by the late, great Brass), some romantic (Kurt Vile’s cover of Dim Stars’ “Monkey”). Seasonal themes are also hit on, such as travel (Writtenhouse’s bumpin’ “Mahogany Blue”) and harvest (or at least Hoots And Hellmouth always make me think of harvest anyway). And some songs have little to do with the holiday per se, but are simply incredible performances that I’m thankful I had the honor of recording (The Chimeras’ “Ridge Summit” still gives me chills). Pop this playlist on when you’re preparing dinner tomorrow, when you’re digesting and relaxing afterwards, or whenever you need a collection of reflective homegrown songs from right here in Philly. Happy Thanksgiving. (“Golden Turntable” photo by Neil Ian of Nimble Photography)



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