Philly Local Philes: An American Chinese’s “Metropolitan”


An American ChineseI guess the cosmic teal multicultural fest on the band’s album cover (pictured) made me think An American Chinese would be a perfect Philly Local Phile this Thanksgiving weekend. Or maybe I’m just glad the full album is finished and available. Philly music heads have watched this adventurous five-piece belt out the tunes on Utopian Tree using their vintage (and easily breakable) gear for nigh on three years now, but the only recorded offering has been the Panic Pilgrim EP. (Good stuff, for sure, but too, too short.) Utopian Tree captures their eclectic oddities in full – Moogs and acoustic guitars on “Jersey Claw,” dance loops and spacey echoes on “Chasing Rabbit,” front porch soul on “Petition to Dear St. Augie.” You can stream the whole record here, or download the album’s pop pinnacle “Metropolitan” below. And mark your calendars now— the belated record release happens Jan. 6 at Kung Fu Necktie.



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