The Key’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Talain Rayne’s “Wake Up, December” (featuring Tirzah Lemmens)


Talain RayneDelicate to the point of being dangerously fragile, Talain Rayne’s “Wake Up, December” could very well be the Tiny Tim of Christmas tunes. It’s good-natured and optimistic, but the undercurrent of sadness that flows through the first couple of minutes makes you wonder what kind of immediate future—if any—lies in wait for a song that has seemingly struggled to get as far as it has already. Thankfully, around the 2:15 mark, Talain puts to rest any concerns of The Ghost Of Christmas Future showing listeners a vision of a tiny piano sitting in a dark corner all by its lonesome. The music swells, the the vocal melodies go into overdrive, the drums kick in—and, suddenly, Talain’s Tiny Tim has more energy than Mary Lou Retton backflipping across the stage in Scrooged.



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5 Responses to “The Key’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Talain Rayne’s “Wake Up, December” (featuring Tirzah Lemmens)”

  1. Zach Lemmens

    Best Christmas song ever

  2. Davis Corley

    That was oozing Christmas cheer!I love Tirzah Lemmens!

  3. Tessa Kane

    Incredible lyrics and moving vocals… definitely see many good things for you in the New Year. Great job Talain & Tirzah!!!

  4. Lardawg

    Love Love Love It, finally some new GOOD Christmas music, and who is the provocative girl singing on this track. Good job Talain keep it coming.

  5. Cblanchon2002

    Great song..Very deep and powerful , really Love it !

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