Tonight’s Concert Pick: Freelance Whales at Johnny Brenda’s


Freelance WhalesWhat can you tell about an indie-darling-of-the-moment based solely on the company that signs it for use in a television commercial? Apple has made a science out of cherry-picking carefully groomed indie acts that are every bit as aesthetically pleasing as the company’s latest generation of iPods; Hyundai, meanwhile, chose Pomplamoose—quite possibly the most offensively forgettable and personality-devoid band of 2010—to hawk its forgettable and personality-devoid WhatsItCalled line of sedans. Then there’s Freelance Whales, whose “Generator ^ First Floor” (off the band’s debut album, Weathervanes) was featured in a Twitter commercial earlier this year.

At first, that would seem to suggest that the Queens-based quintet is best taken in extremely small doses, or that its time in the spotlight will last about as long as that tweet you posted earlier this morning regarding the long line at the coffee shop. (Which, in these times of adorably-quaint-but-depressingly-disposable indie rock, wouldn’t be much of a surprise.) Honestly, it’s hard to argue in favor of the staying power of a band whose work is featured in a commercial for a social networking service that is the very face of substancelessness in the digital age. (A commercial that stars a faceless protagonist, no less.) But we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. And when whatever new thing that will eventually replace Twitter finally comes along, they might want to think about using Freelance Whales’ “Generator ^ Second Floor” in their commercial. Freelance Whales performs with Miniature Tigers at 9 p.m. at Johnny Brenda’s; tickets to the 21+ show are SOLD OUT.



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