Did Philadelphia fail to make it on Pitchfork’s “Top 100 Tracks” list?


File it under “It’s A Slow News Day”: Unless I’m mistaken, not a single band from Philadelphia* managed to squeeze its way into Pitchfork’s recently released “Top 100 Tracks Of 2010” list. (Granted, after going over the 100-song list several times—which, to nobody’s surprise, is heavy on synthesizers, ethereal vocals, and electronic dance beats—everything has started to look blurry.) Not that Pitchfork has traditionally given Philly a ton of love: If you’re from this city and not Pissed Jeans (who didn’t crack the list, either), good luck breaking the 8.0 mark over there.

It is worth mentioning, however—and not because, “OMG WHAT’S WRONG WITH U PITCHFORK PHILLY MUSIC IS AWESOME!!” (which, you know, it is). Honestly, given Pitchfork’s consistent taste, there were a handful of singles released by local bands in 2010 that I thought would be right up their alley. In particular, I’m a little surprised to see Sun Airway’s “Put The Days Away” missing from the list. After all, Pitchfork heaped praise on the song back in August, then posted the video, interviewed Jon Barthmus, and gave the album a decent review. Oh well. “Local music blogger has a gripe with another website’s best-of list, news at 11:00.” Somehow, the world will still turn.

(*The Internet says members of The Walkmen live here Philly, the band still claims New York as home.)



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4 Responses to “Did Philadelphia fail to make it on Pitchfork’s “Top 100 Tracks” list?”

  1. The Swollen Fox

    that is pretty shocking. Sun Airway and Strand of Oaks both deserve some song-of-the-year praise (and will certainly get some from me once i post mine). The lack of Dr. Dog is less surprising, seeing as Pitchfork has never given them much praise, but I think they still deserve to be on there somewhere. It’s a shame because there was some really great music coming out of Philly this year.

  2. Mborlik

    Exactly. I think it was a great year for music in Philly. A lot of exciting, new(ish) bands putting out good records (and getting in the tour van to play some out-of-town shows). Bands like Sun Airway, Strand Of Oaks, Pissed Jeans—and, to a lesser extent, The War On Drugs, Nightlands, and Reading Rainbow—all gained some well-deserved national attention (including a little love from Pitchfork). I think other bands like Grandchildren, Summer Fiction, and SOARS didn’t get the credit they might have been due (outside of Philly, at least). But what are you gonna do?

  3. David G

    Agreed that this was a great year of Philly music. Likewise shocked that Sun Airway didn’t get any end of year list: I thought at least they’d get tossed into the honorable mention albums or “Put the Days Away” would hit the tracks. I’d like to throw in the Blood Feathers album, although I think it came out digitally in December of ’09 but physically in 2010.

    I’m still iffy on Grandchildren and Summer Fiction, so I can’t begrudge Pitchfork passing them by.

    Next year will be a different story, with albums from Vile, Man Man, and others likely to get serious Pitchfork love.

  4. Questo

    i feel the same.
    why heap awesome praise on an album (the Roots How I Got Over got an 8.1)
    and then pull the rug from under them.


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