Philly Local Philes: The Notekillers’ “Eyelash”


The NotekillersBy now, you’re probably familiar with the story of The Notekillers. If not, their recent profile in Pitchfork can bring you up to speed. In summary: avant-garde instrumental Philly band makes incredible noise for a few years in the late ’70s/early ’80s, splits up, then gets namechecked by Thurston Moore in a 2002 interview, bringing them back into the public spotlight. Moore wound up reissuing old Notekillers music on his Ecstatic Peace label, and guitarist David First was able to pull himself away from his career as a composer and sound-installation artist to get the band back together for some shows—small DIY spaces and rock clubs, as well as the occasional high-profile festival (All Tomorrow’s Parties). This fall, The Notekillers released We’re Here To Help, the band’s first record of new material since reuniting, and it promptly made Inky critic Dan DeLuca’s best Philly albums list. Wrap your head around “Eyelash” below, and then check them out tonight when they play The Deli’s Pipeline showcase at Kungfu Necktie.



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