The Key’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Andrew Lipke’s “Xmas Buddha”

Andrew Lipke

What would Buddha think about Christmas—in particular, the tradition of exchanging expensive material goods with one another to show just how much we care (despite having spent the other 364 days of the year neglecting and arguing with each other)? Probably not much. Andrew Lipke, meanwhile, doesn’t seem sure what he thinks. “Xmas Buddha” features Philly’s favorite piano-pounding singer-songwriter musing over the feelings of “hopeless hopefulness” and “beautiful intentions” the holiday season beats us over the head with. (And when he sings “kill them all with love / kill them all with ornaments,” it’s not clear if that’s what he’s expecting at the Lipke family Christmas later this week, or if he feels that’s something everyone does to one another year after year.) Finally, Lipke asks, “Who’s right? Who’s wrong?”—but the song ends before he has a chance to offer an answer. Andrew Lipke And The Prospects perform with Hezekiah Jones and Chris Kasper at 8 p.m. Wednesday, December 29th, at Sellersville Theater; tickets are $19.50-$29.50.



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