Helen Leicht’s Best Of Local Music 2010


Kuf Knotz BoomBox Logic(In no particular order)

Best Album:
Kuf Knotz, Boombox Logic
Dutch, A Bright New Day
Sun Airway, Nocturne Of Exploded Crystal Chandelier
Good Old War, Self-titled
The Great Unknown, Tonight, Let’s Pretend
Kingsfoil, On Our Own Together
Dr. Dog, Shame, Shame
Ben Arnold, Simplify
John Francis, The Better Angels
Talain Rayne, Attic Lights

Best New Artist:
Talain Rayne
Johnny Miles And The Waywards
The Fleeting Ends
Sonni Shine & The Underwater Sound
Suzie Brown
Mason Porter
Juston Stens
The City Music Project
Jake Snider

Best Song:
“Give It Up Now,” Kingsfoil
“Simplify,” Ben Arnold
“Put the Days Away,” Sun Airway
“When the Saints Sleep” Johnny Miles & The Waywards
“The Way the Empire Fell,” John Francis
“Joey,” Birdie Busch
“Clock Tickin’,” KuF Knotz
“Windows Are Rolled Down,” Amos Lee
“The Story of the Sea Green Sky,” Adam Taylor
“Free,” Liz Longley

Bands/Artists To Keep Your Eye On In 2011: Matt Duke, Andrew Lipke, Kingsfoil, Hezekiah Jones, Liz Longley



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5 Responses to “Helen Leicht’s Best Of Local Music 2010”

  1. Soapgirl

    I agree – Juston Stens (and the Get Real Gang) are one of the best new artists. Play more of them please.

  2. phannie

    Ditto…great band, great guys..

  3. xpn rox

    yes.. and he was also with Dr. Dog on the “Shame, Shame” album! He had a great year. Nice to see our locals do so well in and outside of Philly !!

  4. Dan

    There are few artists performing today with the range of talents embodied in Liz Longley. Helen Leight has cultivated a fine taste in music during the many years she has been in radio.

  5. Paroy1

    Kingsfoil is the type of musical talent that is lacking in todays mainsteam music machine. They played in the square in Lancaster and we were instantly drawn to their sound, and enjoyed the entire set. “On Our Own Together” is a solid collection of well written songs that we have enjoyed, can’t wait for the upcomming show at The Chameleon.

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