Ireland’s Solar Bears remix “American West” by Philly’s Sun Airway

Sun Airway
Sun Airway

Pitchfork might not have been too enamored with Solar Bears’ debut LP, She Was Coloured In; just yesterday, they gave the album a 6.9, noting that much of it “feels like the soundtrack to a cheesy, choose-your-own-ending sci-fi novel you might pick up at a yard sale.” (Pitchfork insists, however, that isn’t a slight…) Today, at least, the site thinks highly enough of Solar Bear’s remix of Sun Airway‘s “American West” to give it a little press. (Or maybe they’re just such big fans of the original song that they’re willing to look past their recent criticism of those who did the remixing.)

You can listen to Solar Bears’ remix of Sun Airway’s “American West” here.



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