The Worst Six Songs You’ll Hear About Being Single In Your Thirties


“The worst six songs you’ll hear about being single in your thirties.” That’s how Maria T Sciarrino describes Bedroom Problems her DIY debut that you can download for free here.

Sciarrino is a New Media/Digital media expert, teacher, entrepreneur, musician and all around music obsessive (all combinations we love) and since 2001 she’s been the host of the influential radio show Her Jazz on WPRB on Princeton. She’s written extensively about media theory, popular culture and in 2002 she started Plain Parade, a booking and concert promotion company with Sara Sherr.

So, what led to her wanting to making music again? She explains on her website:

The lyrics are purposefully stupid, the music amateurish: Bedroom Problems is a joke band that takes the process of conceptualization and production seriously. I stopped playing music altogether for a couple years because I was overly concerned about making something “good.” Taking my cues from Anne Lamott’s “Shitty First Drafts” chapter in Bird by Bird, Bedroom Problems writes and performs songs in an expedient, spontaneous matter. Using Garageband, I construct entire songs over the span of a few hours. Though I may use overdubs, multitracking, and post-production methods to create the material, what you hear are primarily first takes. As I said, the point is to get ideas down and not to belabor the larger issues of “quality” or “taste.”

Bedroom Problems catches the lo-fi 60’s inspired wave that you’ll hear on records by Best Coast or Dum Dum Girls and Philly’s Reading Rainbow. Lots of reverb. Super melodies. And yes, some dumb lyrics. Here’s a couple stand out songs. You can download the rest of it here



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