Philly Local Philes: The Shackeltons’ “Mum”

The Shackeltons

You might remember the cyclonic energy of Chambersburg five-piece The Shackeltons from their set at the 2008 XPoNential Music Festival. Or you might just be a fan of their eponymous full-length that came out on Loveless Records that same year. After a period of down time, the band reemerged last year, making appearances with Cage The Elephant and Spoon and playing sets consisting of 90 percent (or more) unreleased material. The new tunes are sounding great, and the band hopes to have its next record out this year. Singer Mark Redding sent us a demo for one particular tune, “Mum,” which leads with a surfy guitar before slamming into the band’s signature post-hardcore overdrive. Check it out below—the howling refrain “Did you ever lose someone you love?” is chilling. In an ironic twist, The Shackeltons’ appearance in Philly this weekend is on Saturday morning’s Kidrockers’ bill, where they’ll be playing their heavy, heady songs for a room of tweens and elementary school kids. But don’t worry about nightmares, parents: Redding has such an animated stage presence that the young’uns will be dancing right along with him.



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