The Key Studio Sessions: Living the single life with Moon Women

Moon Women

If you’ve dug the noisy rock rattle of Philly’s Moon Women as much as we have at The Key, hopefully you’re as patient as we are, too. The band’s only commercially available output to date has been the two-song cassingle Tape, which came out in the fall on Ian Records. A 7” for “Light Moves Slowly” is in the pipeline, with another to follow by summer. (And then, after that, most likely another 7”.) Moon Women’s release plan for 2011 doesn’t involve a full-length, but rather a series of short EPs and singles, scattered across the year. The mindset is “Let’s just go in, record a 7″ in like a day or two and get it out, and then start working on the next one with new stuff,” explains singer-guitarist Justin Pittney. “That way we’re capturing the band in that moment, rather than working on an LP. ‘Cause if I’m going to do an LP, I don’t want to just spend weeks on it, I want it to be a proper LP.” To tide us over while we wait, the band treated us to five unreleased songs during their Key Studio Session last weekend. With its Mission Of Burma hooks, “Seventeen” is Moon Women at its most pointed and anthemic; I can’t wait to hear the single version of it later this year. Meantime, the power trio has some high-profile appearances on its plate, including a slot opening for Gang Of Four at the TLA on Feb. 5. We’ll talk about all this stuff and more when Moon Women’s interview and session air on Y-Rock’s Philly Local Second Shift next Thursday, Feb. 3.



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