Philly Local Philes: The Asteroid No. 4’s “Wide Opal Eyes”

The Asteroid No. 4

Silly name or not, the mid-’90s “Psychedelphia” scene produced a solid body of heady pop music—The Azusa Plane, Photon Band, Lenola—that gave the city’s anglophiles (and readers of Magnet Magazine) a reason to believe. As time passes, the era drifts further into obscurity—so much so that the regrettable handle has more recently been co-opted by a “progressive jam-rock-fusion band” (and I’m guessing it’s not because they’re fans of Lilys). But scene leaders The Asteroid No. 4 have kept the faith alive, remaining productive throughout the ’00s. Their secret is a broad palette – alongside jangly lilac-petal melodies and a Spaceman 3 fixation, Asteroid mixes in rustic Americana textures and ambitious, Last Waltz-y arrangements. Next month, the band’s sixth album, Hail To The Clear Figurines, is out on The Committee To Keep Music Evil (the label run by Brian Jonestown Massacre leader Anton Newcombe). Chock full of tasty harmonies, rich guitar tones, and big, bold hooks, it’s the best thing the band has done in a decade. Dig into early standout “Wild Opal Eyes” below, and catch the band tomorrow night when it plays Johnny Brenda’s with Bear Hands.



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