Do you want to get clocked by a maraca at a Lefty’s Deceiver reunion show? Now you can!


Lefty's DeceiverTo be clocked by a maraca at a Lefty’s Deceiver reunion show: It is the burning desire of exactly 64 people who are fans of this Facebook page dedicated to the late-’90s/early-’00s math-rock band from Philly. The page has been up since last April (and mostly inactive for months); however, early last Saturday, rumors of an actual reunion began to surface—rumors which were then confirmed by guitarist Andy Williams and drummer Mike Kennedy on the band’s new Facebook and Twitter accounts. There’s not a whole lot of word regarding what’s going on and when it will happen, other than the note, “Back when we stopped playing people didn’t even have computers. This is our new Facebook home for information about our triumphant return in 2011. Check back for more info as we update.” Which is exactly what we’ll do.

Coincidentally, the band’s original bassist, Ed Hogarty, left the band to play guitar in The Bigger Lovers—who also recently announced they were getting back together. Reunion fever: Philly’s indie-rock scene of a decade ago has it.

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