Tonight’s Concert Picks: That guy from Phish, that other guy from that Canadian post-punk band

Diamond Rings
The guy who isn't that guy from Phish performs tonight at Johnny Brenda's

Tonight, a pair of shows from two very different musicians who are primarily known for their work in other bands. Trey Anastasio, the main brain behind Phish, performs at Electric Factory with his backing band (creatively named The Trey Anastasio Band); if you love Phish, but can’t wait for the band’s recently announced show at Susquehanna Bank Center, you’re probably already stoned in anticipation of tonight’s show. Meanwhile, over at Johnny Brenda’s, Toronto’s John O’Regan is taking a break from his normal duties fronting the indie-rock quartet The D’Urbervilles to pursue his solo project Diamond Rings; O’Regan’s eyeliner-wearing, dance-routing-incorporating, flamboyant-costume-sporting synthpop act will appeal to anyone who loves Lady Gaga (or Robyn’s recent work), but wants to know what it would sound like if a dude with a deep voice was singing into the mic.

Trey Anastasio performs at 8 p.m. at Electric Factory; tickets to the show are $39.50. Diamond Rings performs with P.S. I Love You and Virtual Virgin at 9 p.m. at Johnny Brenda’s; tickets to the 21+ show are $10.



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8 Responses to “Tonight’s Concert Picks: That guy from Phish, that other guy from that Canadian post-punk band”

  1. Trey

    Are you #$%& kidding me with that Phish video? You are an aggressive jackhole. Put a proper video up there. Google Went Gin dick.

  2. Tim S.

    If you ever want another nickel from a Phish fan or generally any “jamband” fan, I’d check that writer and teach him about serious journalism. This isn’t Andrew Breitbart is it?

  3. Mike

    seriously, you show this douche’s music video but show a joke video for a band that has been playing great music for 20+ years?

    you’re better than that xpn…

  4. S.

    Phish = gifted musicians, but incapable of creating coherent and interesting music to be enjoyed by those who are sober. This coming from someone who has seen them live three times.

    If you’re this upset over the choice of video, clearly you’re cranky over the loss of your stash.

  5. Mike

    wow, three whole times?

    good thing you stopped going.

  6. S.

    Yeah, so I could avoid fans of mediocrity like you.

    Go listen to a goddamn Can record – that’s REAL jam band music, brah.

  7. S.

    I don’t think the writer really cares if he gets another nickel from a Phish fan, Tim.

  8. S.

    Yup, they’re better than playing Phish.

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