Philly cops shut down Two-Piece Fest at The Ox; venue’s future remains uncertain

Two-Piece Fest 4

Photo by John Vettese

Here’s some bad news. Remember that massive Two-Piece Fest at The Ox we were talking about last week? Well, over the weekend, Y Rock’s own Fred Knittel sent out a retweet that said, “Ten cops came to the Ox, ended two piece fest, and wrote down everyone’s drivers license numbers.” Which, for anyone who is as big a fan of the not-so-secret DIY venue as we are, is quite a bummer.

Now, The Deli reports that the venue has updated its Facebook page. “Dearest OX fans, please stay tuned for updates regarding the relocation of upcoming shows. We’re not prepared to make any official announcements regarding the future of the OX (mostly because we still don’t know ourselves) but we thank you all for your support…And for the record, the organizers, bands, show-goers, EVERYONE who was there at Two Piece Fest was AWESOME. Much love to you all. NO REGRETS WHATSOEVER.”

We’ll let you know if were hear of any new developments regarding the venue’s future.



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