Philly Local Philes: Normal Love’s “Grimy Super Soaker”


Man, oh man: prepare for your minds to be blown. Philadelphia’s Normal Love first caught the ear of The Key back in January, when an appearance at Danger Danger Gallery made one of our weekend concert picks. The band makes a fierce and fearless racket, something like what Deerhoof did before smoothing their sound out on 2008’s Offend Maggie. It’ll be a while still before Normal Love hits that point. Its second full-length, Survival Tricks, isn’t out until August of 2011, and its discography is still peppered with uncompromising small-run singles and EPs—like today’s Philly Local Phile, “Grimy Super Soaker.” It’s a live recording that was released on local cassette label Linear B Tapes, and it’s exploding with energy. Take it in below, or experience it in person tomorrow night when Normal Love plays Fishtown’s Highwire Gallery. Normal Love performs with Planet Y and Mirror Men on March 25 at Highwire Gallery, Tickets to the show are $6.



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