This Week’s LAST-MINUTE Contest: Win a pair of passes to see Cold War Kids at The Trocadero tomorrow night


Cold War KidsSorry for the last-minute notice, folks. But we just had two pairs of passes for tomorrow night’s sold-out Cold War Kids show at The Trocadero land in our lap—and we want to give them away ASAP.  For a chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment below by 5 p.m. TODAY. We’ll select the winners at random later this evening and notify them via email; once you’ve confirmed that you and your guest will be attending the show, your names will be added to the venue’s guest list. (Just, you know, make sure to use a valid email address when posting your comment; we promise not to sell your contact info or sign you up for anything—we just want to be able to get in touch with you if you win.)



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41 Responses to “This Week’s LAST-MINUTE Contest: Win a pair of passes to see Cold War Kids at The Trocadero tomorrow night”

  1. Darren

    Saw Cold War Kids a few years ago at TLA and it was an unforgettable show – one of the best I’ve seen. I’d love to see them at the Troc perform their new material!

  2. Clairlos

    Would love to see cold war kids!!

  3. Clairlos

    Would love to see cold war kids!!

  4. mmcat

    I would love to win a pair for my son! He’s a huge fan of Cold War, and listens to their cds everyday.

  5. Laura Williams

    I would love to win so i could take my little brother to see one of his favorite bands!

  6. Caroline

    I’d love to go to the show!

  7. dina

    pick me, pick me! 🙂

  8. Julie M Miller

    Tomorrow is the first friday I’ve had off work all year – I would love to spend that time at the Cold War Kids concert!

  9. Kim

    Winning this contest would be super-tastical!

  10. Laurel Etter

    My boyfriend is coming into town tomorrow night who I haven’t seen in a month and it would be awesome to surprise him with these tickets!

  11. jonah miller

    ill be in phily for the first time tomorrow and would love to see this concert!

  12. Danetter

    cold war kids are one band i have always wanted to see live. please make this possible for me!

  13. Metter

    pleaseeee pick me so that me and my daughter can go. i owe her for all the nice things she has done for me in the past and i know this would make her night!

  14. Garynorcross

    w00tl00ps I wanna go!

  15. <3coldwarkid

    i wanna take my brother to this show

  16. Gerardp75

    pick me pick me pick me please. i am cold.

  17. Bdstoeckl

    PICK ME!!!

  18. Jen Foster

    checking out free at noon earlier in the day, would love to make a day of it…

  19. Pete

    I wanna go, I wanna go.

  20. Rula Kanj

    yes, please! this would be awesome!

  21. akiba1621

    I would love to go, please~!

  22. Cruzherb

    Have been trying to get tix to this…please oh please pick me!

  23. richard linsenberg

    I’d love to go!

  24. Bsmith84

    I’d really enjoy it. Home for Spring Break and bored…thank god for commercial free radio.

  25. Lphealthnut

    Dying to hear “Audience” and “St. John” live!!

  26. mwphoto

    Would love to go to this show!

  27. Donald Deeley

    I’ve tried to pick up Baths’ CD both times I’ve seen him in Philly and have been thwarted both times. I’d love a third shot. Plus, I guess those Slightly Chilly Relationship Younglings are pretty good.

  28. Don

    And that doesn’t actually connect to my email. Thanks Google. Still want to see Baths and Cold War Kids.

  29. Rachael


    cold war kids

  30. Anonymous

    Of all the random comments, this is the randomest.

  31. Anonymous

    Maybe that’s why the weather is so frigid in Philadelphia…the Cold War Kids are in town…Aaaaand I just realized how stupid I made myself sound just now…Sorry for that folks.

  32. josephkola

    First saw then at the Unitarian Church. Was a great show with them, Tokyo Police Club and Delta Spirit.

  33. Bhl84

    I like stuff

  34. Anonymous

    Can’t wait for my day off in Philly! Seeing Cold War Kids would make it even better!

  35. Megankillian

    I would love to go to this show!

  36. Chad Van Pelt

    Thanks for the opportunity to see such a great band! It should be a great show!

  37. 215bc

    Can I haz tickets?

  38. trocki

    cold war kids unite

  39. penbroz


  40. Julie Lawson

    SO wanna go!!!!!

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