Hezekiah Leaves and The Spinning Joneses to perform on Friday, May 13th


Left to right: Michael Baker, Barbara Gettes and Raphael Cutrufello

Hezekiah Jones and The Spinning Leaves collaborated on an album for Drexel’s Mad Dragon Records called Hezekiah Leaves & The Spinning Joneses. It was released digitally in March; however, the bands will perform an official release party on Friday, May 13th, at Bookspace in Fishtown. Also playing on the bill are The Extraordinaires, Nic Esposito (of The Savage Detectives), and Joshua Park.

The Spinning Leaves are Barbara Gettes and Michael Baker. Hezekiah Jones, fronted by Raphael Cutrufello—recently featured on Shaking Through—mentioned the project in an interview with The Key back in December:

The Spinning Leaves had released their album Love with Ropeadope records. Andy Hurwitz is the founder of Ropeadope and ended up at Drexel working at Mad Dragon Records. So when they were looking for projects to work on for Mad Dragon they came to The Spinning Leaves, and they came up with the idea for this album. The album is kind of like a double EP. One side is Hezekiah Leaves which is more of a rocking, silly, more full band side. And The Spinning Jones is a dreamier, acoustic, softer side.

Hezekiah Leaves and The Spinning Joneses perform with The Extraordinaires, Nic Esposito, and Joshua Park at 8 p.m. Friday, May 13, at Bookspace (1113 Frankford Avenue).



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  1. Beegets

    Gettes, not Geddes!

  2. Beegets

    And thank you for posting about our release!

  3. Beegets

    Thank you!

  4. Mborlik

    Ed. note: Name corrected. Thank you for the heads up, and sorry for the mistake.

  5. Lisa Schaffer

    Please add Photo by Lisa Schaffer to this photo…. Thank You. 🙂

  6. Lisa Schaffer

    Thank You! Much appreciated!

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