This Week’s Contest: Win a pair of tickets to see Raphael Saadiq at Electric Factory on May 26


This week, we’ve got a handful of tickets to give away for Raphael Saadiq‘s performance at Electric Factory on Thursday, May 26th. For a chance to win the tickets, all you have to do is leave a comment below by 5 p.m. Thursday, May 19th. We’ll select the winners at random that evening and notify them via email; once you’ve confirmed that you and your guest will be attending the show, your names will be added to the venue’s guest list. (Just, you know, make sure to use a valid email address when posting your comment; we promise not to sell your contact info or sign you up for anything—we just want to be able to get in touch with you if you win.)



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32 Responses to “This Week’s Contest: Win a pair of tickets to see Raphael Saadiq at Electric Factory on May 26”

  1. Gangofsix

    This looks like its gonna be an awesome show!

  2. wilma

    I’d love to go!

  3. DKP

    Pick me pick me pick me pick me pick MEEE!!  Puh-leeeeaze!!!  I’m dying to go!!!!  

  4. Anonymous

     pick me!

  5. Beth Lime

     I want to go to there.

  6. j s

    Raphael rocks I’d love it if you picked me to go to the show thank you for this chance

  7. Diane burke

    I would be totally Stone Rollin if I got picked!!!!!!!!!! 

  8. Jadaka831

    Stone Rollin baby!! I would love to check out the show! Thanks for making it so super easy to have a chance to win!!!!

  9. Susan

    I <3  Raphael.

  10. Matt

    Yes, please.

  11. rocketsurgeon


  12. Dan

    Been playing his new stuff constantly since release. Would greatly appreciate tickets.

  13. Leucadia

    I am a booty woman and I walk with much pride! 

  14. Don

    Holy crap, yes, please.

  15. John

    bang a gong

  16. Brian Veitz

    I was the fourth Tonay in Tony Toni Tone’. 

  17. Don_A

     Pick me please!

  18. Paul Deppen

    Sign me up!

  19. Kate Falen

    Definitely interested in showing Raphael a Philly welcome!

  20. SuBy

    I’d drive all the way from Maryland to see Rafael!

  21. Darren

     That’s a show with Soul. 

  22. Madi G

     Just got the new album! I would love to go.

  23. Snoozle4

     gotta loveeeee saaadiiiiiiiqqq

  24. Lindsay Shoff

    I would love to see Raphael! 

  25. Blitzinger

    I love the Saadiq style.  Gritty and soulful I think he is channeling all those blues legends Robert Johnson, Son House, Fred McDowell just in the groove and movin’

  26. Lushlifepa

    Raphael Saadiq has been stone rolling since
    Tony!Toni!Tone’! He’s an amazing musician and a
    snazzy dresser. I thought the last album was insane and this one didn’t disappoint.
    If you give me tickets, I promise to dance. clap, whistle,and be respectful when appropriate.

  27. Anonymous

    i need a little bit of raphael in my life!!!!

  28. Kirsten Elizabeth

    Tickets to a Raphael Saadig performance would make my week!!!

  29. kait huder

     take me to Raphael!!!!! 😉 

  30. toni tone

    Oh my!!!! How cool!! 

  31. Reilly A. Meiers

    aw shit, too late :/

  32. Jimish Mehta

    I’ve really been digging Raphael’s stuff as of late. His music, his style, and his overall persona.  Would love to see him live

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