Just Announced: Y-Rock On XPN to change its name to XPN2 at midnight


Here’s the official word, straight from the Programming Department:

Starting tomorrow XPN2 is the new name for the same indie, alternative, modern and rock online music service you’ve been streaming at yrockonxpn.org.

With our new name comes some new “social” changes.

  • We will have a new XPN2 Facebook page.
  • Our local music group on Facebook has been renamed XPN2 Local.
  • Our Twitter name will be XPN2Music. If you follow us already, you’ll continue receiving tweets from us under this new name.
  • If you want to reach us in the studio, starting tomorrow, on AOL instant messenger our new IM is IMXPN2.

XPN2 will continue to explore new indie sounds with occasional musical side trips like Pop Theory, Ultra Sound, Folkadelphia, Philebrity Radio and Making Time RADio.  Tune in today and you’ll see that XPN2 is simply the same music with a new name.

Thanks for your continued support and for listening. Spread the word to your friends to listen to XPN2.

And coming up this week:

XPN2 Studio Session! – Don’t miss another live in-studio session this Friday afternoon on XPN2!  Host Eric Schuman welcomes the London based indie-pop band ALLO DARLIN to the studio this Friday at 3PM!  The band plays live Friday night at Kung Fu Necktie, but will stop by XPN2 for an interview and performance prior to the show.  Listen live this Friday at 3PM on XPN2!

Live from Sasquatch 2011! – Join XPN2 for a special weekend of live music as we playback some amazing performances recorded at the Sasquatch Music Festival 2011!  We’ll have full sets from MODEST MOUSE, DEERHUNTER, SURFER BLOOD, THE ANTLERS and more!  Make sure to tune in Friday night starting at 7PM and Saturday at 6PM on XPN2!

Folkadelphia – New Time! – Starting this Sunday June 19th, host Fred Knittel debuts Folkadelphia at a brand new day & time.  As always Fred explorers the many definitions of folk music – and once in a while even has some live guests stop by!  Tune in & Twang out with Folkadelphia Sunday’s from 3-5PM on XPN2!



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7 Responses to “Just Announced: Y-Rock On XPN to change its name to XPN2 at midnight”

  1. FatBastard

    Wow! Real Catchy Name you morons! It took you a year to change it???? How nice. Well, worst of luck to you and your staff. Hope this group of bastards and poseurs finally disappear into the XPN fetid air. Ta Da!

  2. Fizz

    Excellent use of your time, FatBastard.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey, XPN2: Your stream in iTunes still says “yrockonxpn” !!! SHouldn’t it say XPN2?? What gives?

  4. John

    Don’t forget the XPN2 Local Twitter…which is, appropriately enough, XPN2Local!

  5. Really

    I’m sure this has something to do with moving away from the old y-100, but XPN2 … really? That’s the best you could come up with? I know this is nit-picking, with all the great work you guys do, but I’d spend a few more minutes and think up a better name.

  6. FatBastard

    Good point “really”! How long did it take for your awesome PR department to come up with that name?? And another question, why now? Why is the change happening now? Why couldn’t the change happen last year or when the Y100 to XPN transition happened? Oh, and thanks Fizz. I always try to do my best:D


    Help me out here people! I heard this is the result of a settlement in court? Is that true? Not that it matters but, if it is, it means someone finally took on ‘XPN and scored a victory? That’s certaintly a first in the city of Philadelphia!!!

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