Philly Local Philes: Bandname’s “Wonder Why”


It was released last November, but Bandname’s Breakfast wasn’t really an autumn album. It’s meant more for this season, a perfect record for road trips to the shore, slamming around in the heat, and backyard cookouts on cool breezy evenings. You’ll get to do at least one of those things in conjunction with Bandname’s feisty garage-punk tomorrow, when it plays Cha Cha Razzi with buzzing local fellows Kite Party and a handful of touring acts. Today’s Philly Local Phile digs into our session archives for a rendition of “Wonder Why” recorded for us right before the album’s release. Bandname plays Cha Cha Razzi, 1918 S. Bancroft St. with Kite Party, The Guru, Hot Mess and High Pop, Fri. July 23 at 7 p.m. Admission to the all ages show is $5.



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