Philly Local Philes: Brendan Codey’s “Twelfth Page”


Experimental Philadelphia musician Brendan Codey hasn’t always been this direct. His late 2010 debut EP, A Bottle House Vernacular, was an abstract and ethereal headphones record, with layers of home-taped instruments and multi-tracked vocals washing to and fro an a blissful ambient reverie. Backed by live players Helen Goldblatt, Bennett Daniels and Parker Cipolle, Codey began presenting those recordings as live performance pieces, beginning with an impressive set at Fishtown’s Highwire Gallery in February. Perhaps the band experience is shaping the songwriter, since the new “Twelfth Page” – today’s Philly Local Phile  – has a pumping pulse and clarity that’s a noticeable progression from his earlier output. That’s not to say Codey is all of a sudden going pop on us; the song’s warm keyboard tones, gauzy textures and pattering percussion  undeniably come from the same creative wellspring that gave us “Emery Blagdon Saves Your Mortal Soul.” But while maintaining his signature sound, Codey has entered an exciting spurt of growth – and I’m anxious to see where it leads him.



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