Contest: Win a pair of tickets to the Philly F/M BBQ feat. The Head And The Heart, Reading Rainbow, Birdie Busch, + more


This week, we’ve ALSO got a pair of tickets to give away for the Philly F/M Festival BBQ Concert on September 25th, which features performances by 15 bands on two stages, including The Head And The Heart, Thao And The Get Down Stay Down, Jukebox The Ghost, Reading Rainbow, Birdie Busch, Good Old War, Toy Soldiers, Wigwams, The Parson Red Heads, Nicos Gun, and more. (More information about the concert can be found here.)

For a chance to win the tickets, all you have to do is leave a comment below by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, September 21st. We’ll select the winners at random that evening and notify them via email; once you’ve confirmed that you and your guest will be attending the show, your names will be added to the venue’s guest list. (Just make sure to use a valid email address when posting your comment; we promise not to sign you up for anything—we just want to be able to get in touch with you if you win.)




111 Responses to “Contest: Win a pair of tickets to the Philly F/M BBQ feat. The Head And The Heart, Reading Rainbow, Birdie Busch, + more”

  1. Anonymous

    What a great lineup!

  2. Tara Hughes

    I’m so excited for this show!  I managed to see The Head and the Heart when i was on vacation in California, and I got hooked!  The entire lineup for this is freaking incredible!

  3. LilianJane

    I’ve heard so much about The Head and The Heart lately…would love to check them out!

  4. MK

    What a great lineup! I saw Jukebox The Ghost at the XPoNENTIAL FESTIVAL this summer and was totally hooked. I’d love to see them again!

  5. Anonymous

    sounds like an awesome show!

  6. J Marsh

    The Head and the Heart are INCREDIBLE. So good.

  7. Packerfan55

    oh yeah!

  8. Jennifer_kelly1058

    Oh mylanta, killer show!

  9. Aaron

    Looks like fun

  10. Galen Huggins

    this is me leaving a comment before 5pm… My name is Galen!

  11. Mistoffelees_shadow

    Asdfghjk. I just jammed to The Head and the Heart walking across campus today. So in love. <3

  12. Ms Ebarr

    I learned about Head and the Heart on XPN. I’ve been in love ever since! Thanks, guys!

  13. tp

     Sounds Excellent~

  14. Cortneyk1

    I would *LOVE* to win tix to the BBQ!  (Fingers double-crossed!)

  15. Anonymous

     I love the Head and the Heart, Jukebox the Ghost and XPN!

  16. Benachtabowski

    I’ll buy you a beer or two, if I win these tickets! The Head and the Heart is amazing. 

  17. MONTY

    I am obsessed with the Head and the Heart and would love to see them at the Ukie Club! I can’t stop listening to their album. Going to be a great show!

  18. Gabrielle

    Love love love the head and the heart

  19. Kellie

    i love jukebox the ghost and good old war 🙂

  20. StephanieMcKay

    “One day we’ll all be ghosts, trippin’ around in someone else’s home.” 🙂

  21. Amanda

    Listened to the Pine Mouth morning download this morning. Good stuff, can’t wait!

  22. patricia

    I’m just hearin what your sayin for the first time, sounds like Hallellujia! for the first time–roadtripped to Woodstock in July to see THATH with my 3 girls in our lil red buggy and had the best day of our summer, swam in a watering hole @ Kaaterskill Falls had yummy chinese food @ bearsville theater and enjoyed THATH revival–what a sweet day

  23. Don

    I’d love to see this show. Reading Rainbow are always a good time and I haven’t seen them as a 3-piece yet.

  24. Cortneyk1

    I was all set to see The Head and the Heart in Atlantic City in June…and then broke my leg!  Hopefully I’ll have better luck this time around!  I Heart them!  🙂

  25. Fmshovlin

    I like turtles

  26. Lindsay Halm

    Huge Thao with the Get Down fan. Saw them twice in Cambridge Mass 🙂

  27. Johnnytiles

    The Head and the heart is the best new band around

  28. Mattburlin

    Flying back to philly that night…what a way to spend it!

  29. Cuppy Cake


  30. Anonymous

    Holy shart. I hope I win.

  31. Shawn Suther

    Hi! I would *love* to go to this show! So would my GF!

  32. dearestrocket

    me please!

  33. Sara Hummer

    I would love to go and take my little brother for his 20th birthday!

  34. Yarls33

    That brick layin has me feelin so American!

  35. Cortneyk1

    please oh please oh please oh please!  😉

  36. Andrew Timoni

    The Head and the Heart is amazing and they all seem like really awesome people. I would love the cahnce to see them. I know some of these other bands here and it sounds like an amazing show!

  37. MM

    I would love to see the Head and the Heart in my old stomping grounds of Philadelphia!

  38. friend


  39. Nicole Palumbo

    Fingers crossed!!

  40. Megan

    I would love to go! 

  41. Jim


  42. Chelsea Steinmetz

    I love all of The Head and the Heart songs and so do my friends! Ahh, I hope I win! <3

  43. Lmg129

    I love T.H.A.T.H!!!!  Need tickets PLEASE!!!

  44. Grace

    i love them so much! pretty please!

  45. Sommer Sheffield

    yay. yay. yay. I wanna win!!!  fingers crossed.x.    

  46. Landis

    Nothin’ is as it has been

    And I miss your face like hell

  47. Emily Westenberg

    Me. Me. Please. I love you. Me.

  48. Kyle Matousek

    WINNER!!!! Thanks for the tickets!!!

  49. AlienatedMajesty

    Please please please !!!

  50. Evan Forman

    Saw them perform when I saw Dr. Dog last February..been an avid fan since. Love to see them again!


    I love these guys! I saw them in AC in July. Amazing!

  52. amiga

    philly + the head and the heart = wonderful

  53. PrettyPlease!


  54. Jen

    I am lost in my mind

  55. Greyjoy1

    Here’s hoping.

  56. Jenellensteve

    I saw you guys in the bay area with iron and wine. You stole the show. I had never heard of you but now I’m hooked . Seriously I had an amazing weekend with my husband we fell in love with your music and fell in love with eachother all over again like we do whenever we discover new inspiration together. You guys show so much passion. Please come to Sacramento ca. I have told everyone I know to buy your music . It rocks. The sound the melody and the lyrycs. Congrats to a job well done.

  57. Cbillak1

    Philly sounds nice 🙂

  58. Gabriella Rios-Georgio

    My friend drove his ass to see you guys in Bellingham from Seattle…I wanted to go, but I didn’t….can’t remember why. Anyway, now I live on the east coast near Philly..aka I would love to see you perform and hear charity wail good folksy soul music at me live.

  59. adw24

    The Head and the Heart are awesome!

  60. Sarah Rice Glezman

    These are the places I will always go

    I am on my way

    I am on my way back to where I started………..

  61. Bdeck25

    I can’t even describe how much this band means to me

  62. Bob 'bk' Kessler

    Love Love Love you guys!  The Head and The Heart! Turn Charity UP! (or just sing louder) Again, thanks for that in AC! xoxo -BK

  63. Samantha Betley

    I LOVE THE HEAD AND THE HEART!!!! So happy they are coming to Philly 🙂

  64. Neha Jaffry

    just discovered the head and the heart a couple months ago and was so excited to hear you guys were coming to philly!

  65. Moffit_ice_forever

    how’s the brick laying coming? i would love to see the head and the heart in philly!!

  66. Bekka Schultz

    You’re already home where you feel love.

    I’ve been told that THTH give one of the most honest and genuine live performances. I’ve been waiting for them to get back to Philly! Great line-up.

  67. discfive

    I want to go so badly!  Too bad being a college student with extra money doesn’t exist in my world.  Pick me!

  68. Scotty Scarberry

    i live in west virginia.  cut me a break here.  seriously.  I GET NO GOOD MUSIC.

  69. JarettStorm


    my roots have grown, but i dont know where they arreeee!!!!

  70. Mcelfont

    I saw The Head and the Heart when they opened for the Decemberists in Atlantic City- they were quite an act to follow. I haven’t seen a band that pours so much into their performance in a long time. Their music hits me with emotion and feeling so hard.

  71. Ally Spaciano

    Just moved to Philly this week. I had no idea they were headed this way! woo hoo!

  72. Alec

    Love these guys, and would love to go!

  73. Kindbits

    Saw The Head and The Heart at the Queen Theater a few months back and was impressed!  I’d love to see them again.

  74. Jkindt29

    The 25th is my birthday. I’d love to spend it with you.

  75. Jessicahusband

    I’m down! Love these guys and haven’t seen them yet!

  76. Cdeblasis

    I loved you in nyc.. Hope to see you in the city of brotherly love, “cause oh my brother, your wisdom is all that I need” 🙂

  77. Joannecunningham78

    favorite song – cats and dogs!  I’m in Philly and I’m free in Sunday!

  78. Ae10064

    This concert sounds so good! I would love to go to this!!!!

  79. Christopher41

    Pick me, I need to see The Head and The Heart again! AC was not enough, give me more!

  80. Sdb20000

    Can’t wait, so excited for this!!!!

  81. Rhinchliffe

    Would love to see head and the heart again.

  82. SummerTymeDancr

    …”there are stars
    Up Above….”

  83. Tmoffitt

    I want to go!!

  84. uneclaire

    yay for the head & the heart back east! back in town from out west the last few years, i couldn’t think of a better bday present than to be at the show!

  85. Bigred4u52

    Just moved to Philly from Houston… only this show would bring back the heat that i miss so much from Houston!

  86. BenS

    My wife told me to do this.

  87. Katie

    Pick me! pick me!

  88. Evan Green

    my favorite band and i still have yet to see them live!

  89. Jhill

    Lord have mercy on my rough and rowdy ways… I would love some tickets!

  90. J Noel Abando

    ♫♫.and i would run 300 miles (bmore to charlottesville)♪ ♪ then i would run 500 more (charlottesville to Philly) ,♫,its the beat of a man who run 3000 miles and fall down at your door♪)
    If you pick me, i’ll make sure to NOT do the “last part”. but will be forced too if you keep putting out gnarly songs!

  91. Sarah Kullbom

    JUST moved to DC last night and missed my opportunity to get tickets to your show this Friday at 9:30 club… super bummed but very hopeful I can bring my west coast vibes to Philly to see you guys for the first time!! 🙂

  92. Daniel

    Ill be visiting my girlfriend, who will be bussing in from Las Cruces, NM in Philly that day, and I’d really love to take her somewhere special that night; seeing The Head and The Heart would be amazing! I would love to share that with her!

  93. Anonymous

    I would love love love to see/hear The Head and the Heart, and all the other acts at the Ukie Club, and I can’t think of a better way than doing it with free tix!

  94. annabelle wylie

    love head and the heart!!!  hope to see them someday!

  95. JenD616

    “We are all just here to find the love that lingers after the moment.” 

  96. JenD616

    We are only here to find the love that lingers after the moment “

  97. Abbey States

    I’d love love love to win! HATH and Thao both put on such a great show!

  98. littled

    Only 45 minutes of THTH.  They’d just be warming up.  We would love tickets please!

  99. johnmichael

    Forgive me for my rough and roudy ways.

  100. Anonymous

    “Lord have mercy on my rough and rowdy ways”…this would be a good start

  101. Jimmy

    Outstanding! I hope to see you there and I hope it’s a great show!

  102. Skyno337


  103. Goose

    Great Lineup!

  104. CMac

    I can’t wait to come to Philly!!  I’ve already seen y’all at the 9:30 club in DC and drove to Charlottesville in Aug… can’t get enough of y’all!!

  105. Kathy

    Thao And The Get Down Stay Down always put on an amazing show : ) Seen the band a couple of times live and I’ve never been disappointed…

  106. Mellow

    I would be your best choice. I promise. 😉

  107. Joeygrrrl78

    I’ll go!

  108. Neves77

    Should be a nice day for a Head and the Heart concert….

  109. Mborlik

    So, as we originally posted, we only had one pair of tickets to give away for the Philly F/M BBQ Concert. But, given the ridiculous response this post received, we were able to secure another nine pairs of tickets! Emails will be going out to all 10 of our winners right now, so please keep an eye on your inbox. Once you’ve replied and confirmed that you’ll be attending the show, you’ll be added to the guest list at Will Call. Thanks again to everyone who entered—all 100+ of you! 

  110. Mellow

    I won a pair of tickets for the Philly F/M Fest from The Key at WXPN. Psyched to see The Head and The Heart! Thanks The Key!

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