Philly Local Philes: Dumhi’s “Alive”


It’s a safe bet that somehow, somewhere, South Philly hip-hop outfit Dumhi is recording a new track. Back in the spring, producer-frontman Haj released his latest full-length, The Whole World’s Watching, a collaboration with a dozen or so MCs from the Philly scene. (You can read my review of it for The Key here.) One of those rappers, newcomer Side Effect, made stand-out, show-stealing contributions to the set, and Haj decded to work with him further. The collaboration has already yielded enough material for an entirely new release, and Side Effect EP was released digitally last week. Today’s Philly Local Phile spotlights “Alive,” Haj’s favorite song on the EP. He writes:

Side touches on art vs day job, art vs relationship, tells stories, explains himself without apology, and even almost sings a little bit, right?
If you know me, you know I can go on endlessly about day jobs draining one’s soul. Especially after a few beers. Haha. So I definitely relate to Side’s words on this.

The track also features guitar work from Marco Hill and background vocals by MicheleQJ. Stream or download the track below, and pick up the entire pay-what-you-wish EP here.


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