This Month’s Shaking Through Session: Family Band’s “Again”


This month’s episode of Shaking Through—the online audio and video collaboration between Weathervane Music and WXPN—features a song by Family Band titled “Again.” The Brooklyn-based act is composed of husband-wife duo Kim Krans and Jonny Ollsin as well as family friend Scott Hirsch; the episode was curated and produced by Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear.

More from the folks at Shaking Through:

With one EP and one full length under their belts, Family Band has traditionally recorded within the confines of their hand-built cabin in the Catskill Mountains of New York. “I totally respect making records on your own,” says Rossen. “That’s how we’ve always done everything. But I just thought it was a great opportunity for them to get in with somebody outside of their inner circle, to work with somebody else to finish something. And I’m not really used to working with other bands, so it was a fun way for me to get outside of my own circle too, to try something with somebody else.”

He continues, “Showing the process shows the effort that went into what [Family Band] made. So you appreciate what it means to listen to the music they make; you understand the effort and the heart that goes into it. That’s great.”

You can watch the finished video and listen to the track below; visit the Shaking Through website to see photos, interviews, and more from the session.

Shaking Through Vol2 Ep8: Family Band from Weathervane Music on Vimeo.



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