Philadelphia Bandcamp Hunter: Goodnight Lights


In this edition of Philadelphia Bandcamp Hunter we introduce you to Goodnight Lights. The local indie-rock quintet released its sophomore album, Electric Spark, in June. You can download the entire album for free here. You can also stream and download it below. The band includes brother and sister Faith (keyboard/vocals) and Ian Charlton (guitar/vocals), as well as Michael Schraeger (guitar/vocals), Jonah Delso (bass/vocals), and Michael Ziegler (drums).

The album is a terrific collection of songs that sits in the post-’90s alternative rock continuum with a high degree of originality—due in large part to the well crafted songwriting and vibrant playing. Though the album has some great hook-filled three- and four-minute songs (such as “Deeper Down” and “5”), the band shines on the longer tracks. On “Education” (which clocks in at 7:17), “Sleepwalking” (6:08), and the epic “Hiding From The Sun” (8:47), you can experience the dueling, pivotal guitars working hard. The arrangements on the longer songs skirt prog-rock/math-rock convention, yet do not fall prey to the cliches of either of those genres.

Goodnight Lights performs at the 6th Annual Halloween Show at The M Room on Friday, October 28th. As in previous years’ Halloween shows at The M Room, each band on the bill will be learning and playing an entire set as another famous band; The Bailey Hounds as T. Rex, Long Walk Home as Neil Young, The Quelle Source as Radiohead, and Goodnight Lights as The White Stripes.



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