Tonight’s Concert Pick: Sara Bareilles at Electric Factory


Judging by her latest music video and most recent album, Sara Bareilles has clearly adapted a fearless and spunky image. Bareilles first broke into the Billboard pop scene in 2007 with her spiteful single “Love Song” (off her major-label debut, Little Voice), which served as an F–you to any token, chart-topping love song. Then in 2010 she released “King Of Anything” (off Kaleidoscope Heart) as another personal declaration of freedom and dismissal of expectations. But, unlike “Love Song”—which stood out among the soft, jazzy tunes that defined Little Voice—”King Of Anything” had the full support of a girl-power-centric album. Kaleidoscope Heart is driven by deliberately constructed, upbeat break-up songs; the best illustration of the especially bubbly and self-assertive Bareilles is her video for “Gonna Get Over You,” which was released last month and features her sporting a greased poof and leather jacket. Sara Bareilles performs with Elizabeth And The Catapult and Ben Lee at 7:30 pm at The Electric Factory; tickets for the all ages-show are $32 ($37.20 via Ticketmaster). —Caitlyn Grabenstein



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2 Responses to “Tonight’s Concert Pick: Sara Bareilles at Electric Factory”

  1. Claudia Marie

    YAY we’ll be there tonite! 

  2. Theballoonman

    WOW What an amazing show…

    saw her for the third time last night and she is just amazing. If you ever get
    the chance go check her out. While she may not be the best singer or the best
    piano player… her stage presence is near the top of everyone I have ever seen.
    And while she may not dress “Sexy” or have runway model looks, on stage and when
    she is in her zone, she is the most beautiful woman in the world. From the first
    note until they left the stage I was totally engrossed in the show. All her own
    material except an acoustic cover of Mumford & Sons Little Lion Man that
    blew the roof off the place. She has a truck driver mouth and tells lots of
    amusing stories between songs. Her band is excellent and contribute in a wide
    variety of ways
    While it appears that the music business has changed
    considerably and new artist go about promoting themselves way differently than
    we “older fans” are used to, she has remained pretty grounded in her approach to
    live shows playing small (General Admission type) halls and staying in Philly
    rather than taking the Atlantic City approach. She is also constantly tinkering
    with the arrangement of her songs.
    I cant recommend her highly enough,
    one of the few “new” artists that give me hope for the future of good live

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