My Morning Download: “Travel As Equals” by Joseph Arthur


Photo by Oliver Krato

Singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur has released a new double album for free called Redemption City. Download the albums here. Below, download the song “Travel As Equals.” Here’s what he has to say about the albums:

Part 1
Is complete as a record and for those who are generally against the idea of an artist making a double record (of which there are many) you can stop there and you have it.

Part 2
Is the deep cuts, which would have otherwise remained on the cutting room floor or else been leaked out over time in various ways, fragmented beings with no brothers or sisters or home. I think both parts serve to strengthen the whole. They are relating to each other and breathing back and forth. They are each other’s shadow and hold hands when no one is watching. It’s true that often less is more but sometimes more is more and that is something that, in this case, will be down to taste.

With the Internet and new ways of releasing music it seems that the doors are open to broader perspectives on what’s too much. Here you have both a double and a single record, depending on how you want it or your level of interest. Also it’s not important (or possible!) to listen to all of it in one sitting. Take in Part 1 and then move slowly into part 2.
It’s a city. There are lots of avenues and side streets, Abandoned buildings and bodegas,
Cars parked on the side of oblivion with cats in them. Come in and walk around.



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