Win a pair of tickets to the opening reception of “From Asbury Park To The Promised Land” at National Constitution Center


Be the first in line to see the exhibition “From Asbury Park To The Promised Land: The Life And Music Of Bruce Springsteen” at National Constitution Center! This boardwalk-themed event—which will take place from 5:30-9:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 15th—will feature performances by the B-Street Band (including Vini “Mad Dog” Lopez on drums) and nostalgic summertime treats such as boardwalk fries, Johnson’s popcorn, and salt-water taffy as well as beers from Flying Fish Brewing Company. This is your exclusive chance to tour “From Asbury Park To The Promised Land” before it opens to the public!

To enter the contest, all you have to do is post a comment below (by 5 p.m. Friday, February 10th) and tell us why YOU want to attend the opening celebration. Five randomly picked winners will each win a pair of tickets for the event!  (Just make sure to use a valid email address when posting your comment; we promise not to sell your contact info or sign you up for anything—we just want to be able to get in touch with you if you win.)

[UPDATE 10:10 a.m.] The opening night reception is now SOLD OUT. If you haven’t purchased tickets yet but still want to go, you’ve got until 5 p.m. today to enter our contest!



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82 Responses to “Win a pair of tickets to the opening reception of “From Asbury Park To The Promised Land” at National Constitution Center”

  1. Glenn

    Hi – I’ve been a Bruce and the E-Street band fan from the 70’s and  I believe there is so much more to learn that I am unfamilar with, so any opportunity to learn and have some fun Bruce related is worth a visit. – Thanks Glenn Brooklyn

  2. cate

    I took his first album to Calif. during my winter semester break in 1973. I was visiting a friend in the dorm at the Claremont Colleges. The people in the dorm had never heard of Bruce, but confiscated my album and passed it around for 2 weeks. It was hard to get it back before I left to come home to NJ. I would love to see this nostalgic exhibit of Mr. NJ!

  3. Alane Lester Younger

    Sounds like NJ summer fun

  4. Barbara

    Bruce Springsteen channels his inspiration and the love of everything that is music throughout his career or better yet musical life journey.  My favorite Bruce line is that he wanted to write lyrics like Bob Dylan and sing like Roy Orbison.  Bono put it the best ” Bruce’s music makes ordinary extraordinary.”. This exhibit is a must see especially if you grew up in NJ like me 🙂

  5. Exit4dj

    There is no bigger Bruce fan in Philly/SJ then me. Have seen him so many times I’ve lost count. First time I heard his music in 1974 (I was 12), I knew he was THE one. Had the pleasure of buying him a beer one night in ’84 at the Pony (where I saw him at my friend John Eddie’s show). I have over 1000 shows obtained through the magic of bootlegging and have a ton of memorabilia that is pretty rare including Euro/Japanese 7″, rare magazines, etc etc. On the WoaD. Tour I had the pleasure of hanging backstage w/Bruce and another good friend of mine Slo-Mo. Bruce had played his new CD on his Sirius radio show, and through a few calls,we reached out to Bruce to say thanks. Bruce responded w/tkts to the show and an “audience” afterwards. So cool to be in the Flyers dressing room at the Spectrum w/Bruce for a hang. I would love to see this exhibit’s opening!! Have now spread Bruce onto my next generation as my 20 year old son and 15 year old daughter have now seen his show and love his music.

  6. Tyler

    I had been a big fan of Bruce’s album “Nebraska” album for a long time.  Never quite understood the appeal of The E Street Band – until I watched “Live at the Hammersmith Odeon ’75”.  I’d heard the stories/legends for years, and loved seeing scrawny Bruce before he was the ubiquitous jean clad, “Born In The USA” Springsteen I grew up with.  It finally all makes sense, and seeing and reading interview after interview, I just like the guy more and more. Of all the “Next Dylan’s” that were pegged when he was starting, he definitely took the ball and ran for it.

  7. BenAchtabowski


  8. Joel

    Because my wife has been going to see him perform since the 1970’s

  9. MaryDove

    Because I love Springsteen, I haven’t seen the exhibit, and it is finally safe for me to go back to Philly.

  10. Anonymous

    There are four good reasons (or at least I think they’re good) you should pick me:
    1) I’m a huge fan and I’ve seen him in concert over 100 times since 1985 (80+ of those from 1999-2009)
    2) It was my sign for “Higher and Higher” at the final Spectrum show last year that he took and it lead to the song being the final encore the rest of the tour
    3) I missed seeing the exhibit in Cleveland
    4) My birthday is the following week and the tickets would make a great birthday present

  11. Kim Ferranto

    I’ve seen Bruce in concert 30 times since 1981 and have tickets in hand for 2 more shows in Philly for the Wrecking Ball tour. I’ve also been a great BStreet Band fan and have not only seen them many many times, but they played for my 40th birthday party, which also happened to be my post chemotherapy celebration party as well. It would be awesome to attend this event which has two of my favorite things combined in one! Being close to Bruce’s personal items will be such a thrill! Seeing Mad Dog play with BStreet again after his car accident will answer my many prayers for his recovery!

  12. Swtseastar

    I would love to win tickets to see this exhibit! I’m from Philly originally, but my favorite place in the world is Asbury Park. I’m a older gay gal that just adores Bruce. I am in awe of his talent and his ability to express what so many of us experience.

  13. Blev

    I’m poor and can’t afford to go unless it’s free and the boss is awesome

  14. redbankkitty

    Born and raised in NJ and a long time Bruce fan (1978 Capitol Theater show my first Bruce show!) and have seen him close to 100 times.. Sadly got shut out for every local show this tour due to the scalping issue and am not in a position to pay the crazy stub hub prices…. 🙁 …winning tickets to this event would be the highlight on what has been a very tough year personally..PS> the only station that is ever played in my car is E Street Radio on Siurius/XM  >)  thanks for listening and pick me dammit!!! lol

  15. Pink_cadillac

    I cannot wait to see this exhibit!!! Been a Bruce fan since 1978!!!

  16. Sthurston1985

    I would love to see the exhibit because when it was in Ohio, I had every intention of going but family and professional responsibilities kept me home. Now that I am in a better spot with said responsibilities, I would be able to go. Bruce Springsteen been my hero for the last 13 years. I became a fan when I was 14. Nothing would thrill me more than to be able to say that I saw it in person.

  17. Becky

    I want to attend because BRUCE IS THE BEST EVEEERR!

  18. Annie

    Still hurting that I was “too young” (per Mom and Dad) to see Bruce in 1984 with 4 of my older siblings – one of the great injustices of my youth. 🙂 Would love to rub it in 27 years later that I get to check out this cool exhibit!

  19. Shari

    If I were chosen, I’d be on “Fire”!  I feel I was “Born to Run” and would drive my “Pink Cadillac”, “Racing in the Streets”, to see the exhibit!  I’d stop by “Mary’s Place” and pick up my best friend, go over the “River”, down “Thunder Road” to be in Philly!  Maybe I’d stop in “Atlantic City” on the way home, although it can be quite a “Jungleland”.  It’s just an hour and a half from “My Hometown” and I’d be able to relive my “Glory Days”!  “Waiting on Sunny Day” to be chosen to attend this event!

  20. Diane

    Bruce is the influnce of many generations. I hear the exhibit is awesome.

  21. Mlee2140

    I want to win because it’d be a once- in-a-lifetime awesome celebration!

  22. christine

    As lifelong Bruce fans, we must be in on this stone groove! (Also, we sadly did not score tix to his shows for the first time in forever 🙁 Come on, make our day!

  23. frank

    i want freeeee tix

  24. Mtoz

    Waited on line 2 Saturdays ago for twelve hours in freezing weather to be able to get some tixs for my friends and me up here in Albany New York. If I was able to get score some tickets for this show I would be like a hero to these long time buds and fans some who have been to 50 shows. Can’t waited to get in the car for the road trip down listening to the band all the way to down to the PROMISED LAND.

  25. Sharon

    In honor of all of the Redheaded Jersey Girls that Bruce loves so much I should be there!

  26. Karen Frey Dinsmore

    I am a born and raised Jersey girl who has been a Springsteen fan since my oldest brother brought home the Live From Asbury Park album and played it for me when I was in third grade. As a life-long fan and lover of all things Bruce, I would be in freaking HEAVEN to attend the reception!!!!!

  27. Lillian

    I want to win so I can pretend it’s summer for just one evening. (Oh, and Bruce!)

  28. Wayne


  29. Gollubier7

    I should win because I have been a fan of Bruce Springsteen since 1973 when he lived around the corner from me in the West End Section of Long Branch, NJ. Danny Federicci  was a personal friend of mine.

  30. Beckykipp

    I would love to see this exhibit on a special night before it opens to the public!

  31. Kingorin

    Darknes on the Edge of Town was the first album I ever bought with my own money (I was 6 years old and and I still have it). I scooped up metric TONS of dog poop to get that record and when it was finally mine, in my hands, it actually felt warm…alive. The xcitement I felt was tangible. That’s the power of his music. And even though I have a job that doesn’t involve scooping poop now, I still get that feeling when I hear a new song, or crack open a new CD (and don’t get me started on seeing him live!). The man and his music are the backbone of my life, and I would love to be a part of that opening celebration.

  32. Jeff Cabot

    In the summer of 1985, I was at the Meadowlands tailgating before a Springsteen concert with a dozen friends. We were throwing a football around in the parking lot. I jumped up to catch the ball and a friend got under me and I fell to the ground and landed on my left wrist. I immediately knew it was broken by the pain and swelling within 15 minutes. I proceeded to sit/stand for the entire 3+ hour show and then had my friends drive to the hospital emergency room. Sure enough it was broken. Thanks to BRUCE, I wasn’t feeling any pain. However, thanks to BRUCE, after three hours the pain was excrutiating. Any other concert would have ended in 2 hours and I would have been fine. But I percevered, and enjoyed the night, up until the drive to the hospital.

  33. Joanie

    I would like to win this contest for my brother.  I would give the tickets to him and his wonderful wife.  Bruce is and always will be the sound track of their life!

  34. Will

    The first time I saw Bruce he was the opening act for the Voice of East Harlam and Mountain.  Just as he was starting to play Rosalita someone in the audience screams out MOUNTAIN! and Bruce says “Rosie will make a mountain out of you”.

  35. Amy

    I could use some Bruce in my life right now …

  36. Emanuela

    My name is Emanuela, I am Italian and I “commute” from Italy to NJ every 3-4 months because a couple of years ago I decided to open a company here of promotional products. I can say that I did this because Bruce helped me to love Usa and taught me English. I have to say thank you to him for being the soundtrack of my life and such an inspiration in never give up. Business for me is still very slow and tough but I am sure that with a lot of work and passion, one day, I will be rewarded.

  37. CarolB

    Being a teenager in the 70’s in Philadelphia meant growing up with Springsteen.  I remember  the older kids in high school talking about his show at his 1975 show at the “Mainpoint” in Bryn Mawr. 

    Driving down the shore in the summers in my 1971 mustang, we sang his songs at the top of lungs when we lost the radio stations. 

    I slept out all night at the spectrum in the rain to get tickets for my 1st Bruce concert.  Only to be told that they ran out of tickets right before we got to the front of the line.  Fortunately, (I got the tickets for my 20th birthday as a gift).  The show was Dec 8th, 1980 (the night John Lennon) was shot.  I’ve never forgotten that night or that concert. 

    I’ve been to many, many Springsteen concerts since….. and could go on and on with the memories. I would love to take my husband (who is an even bigger Bruce fan than me) to see this exhibit which would be an honor for us to see.   

  38. jerry

    Me-Not enough room here to say why!

  39. Carly Bulger

    I love Bruce but my boyfriend is a HUGE fan. Own ever album even the all-acoustic-where-did-you-even-find-that albums. I would give them to him if I won. It would make his year.

  40. caroline

    I love Bruce and I can’t see him because scalpers nabbed all the tickets to both shows and I can’t afford to buy one. Seeing this exhibit at the National Constitution Center is best I can hope for.

  41. Dave

    My admiration and respect for Bruce spans from my crazy youth and dancing in the aisles at the Tower to the present.Thank you for making the world a little better.

  42. Debconehalsey

    Bruce Springsteen is one of the few musicians who can relate well to middle class working America and he does it so well and with such flair in his amazing songs! Have been enjoying his songs for over a decade.

  43. Susan

    Feeling sad not to have managed to get tickets for Bruce’s upcoming concert, this would go a long way to making me feel a little better – Grew up in Philadelphia but spent the summers in Brownsmills, NJ and Seaside Heights, NJ, with occasional side trips to Brigantine and Atlantic City (before gambling moved in).  To round the event off,  I would crash at my daughter’s digs at Temple University, which is also my alma mater.

  44. Royo

    I’ve spent 30 of my 39 years on this planet following Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. I’ve walked, I’ve ridden, I’ve driven hundreds of miles. I’ve been cold, I’ve been hot, I’ve been soaked. I had to sit in Shea Stadium. (That last sentence should be reason enough.) 

  45. Theresa McGuigan (#109679)

    My little brother, Michael, turns the BIG 50 this year and is a total BRUCE freak!!  He’d love this exhibition and reception!  I’d very much appreciate your consideration of my little brother when you award these tickets.  It might help me to make up for some of the torment and anguish I put him thru when we were kids. Thanks… and thanks for all you people do at XPN!

  46. Jacgoy18

    I would love to attend but more then anything I’d like to give the tickets to my mom and dad. Their relationship grew alongside bruce and the e street band down at monmouth college and asbury park. They would love to reminensce

  47. kathy

    This is an awsome oppourtunity for whoever wins.  Good luck to everyone!

  48. Trisha

    Jan 5th, 2005 I had major surgery with complications that sent me back into the hospital this went on until March .Needless to say it was a terrible winter, surgeries and procedures. I left the hospital with narcotics and no directions on how to stop them. Long story short I detoxed to Bruce’s music PERIOD! his music and my memories.  Those tunes were the background music of my life, to some of happiest, most free, and carefree days and nights of my life. Now I had found myself unable to even walk, could not do anything to help relieve the shakes, sweats, nervousness, feeling like I was going to lose it.(Three months on Anesthesias, Morphine, Dilaudid etc.) because of huge incision. So for almost two weeks,it was me in bed, music blasting through earbuds, crying, singing and re-living in the corners of my mind,1976-77.There I could again be 18/19 years young only this time dragging myself instead of “hiding on the BACKSTREETS” with Bruce .Even if I don’t win, Thanks Guys for getting me through!

  49. Beth

    Philly fans pushed Bruce into his stardom in the 70’s so I think it’s fantastic that this exhibit is right here in our town.  One of my first albums (yes album as in vinyl) was the newly released Greetings from Asbury Park. I listened to it so many times I wore out the grooves.  I’ve been hooked since then and have been listening every since.   I would love to attend the opening night festivities and hope I’m one of your random winners!   Bruuuuuuucce!

  50. Joseph Eskenazi

    OK all i can say is i need a Bruce fix ASAP. It would be so amazing for a Freehold resident(his home town) to be there on opening night.  To all good luck!!

  51. Melissa

    Loved BRUUUCCE since I can remember.  Grew up with my dad blastin’ it in on the record player and playin it in his 8-track.  Every F.A.N  that my best friend and I went to when they had the Comcast papers to fill out before you went in to the show, one of the questions was;  who would you like to see play a Free At Noon show?  and every time, we put Bruce Springsteen (knowing full-well that it would NEVER happen)… but a girl can dream, right? 

  52. Anna Serrao Wright

    I’ve been a fan since 1973 when in 9th grade my friend and I had choose a poem in English class to explain to the classroom. We chose “It’s Hard to be a Saint in the City.” Since then I’ve seen Bruce perform numerous times. In August 2009 my sister and I took our daughters (ages 15, 12 and 10 at the time) on a road trip to Cleveland to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to see the exhibit. We had a great time and our girls learned even more about Bruce! So now of course we need to see the exhibit here at home in Philly.

  53. Renee

    I would love to be picked- I am new to Bruce- (1982) started to really listen to him. My brother-in-law, Dan Test filled me in on the early years. Dan was Bruce’s baseball coach- in his Hometown-Freehold. I asked Dan what  he thought of Bruce back then and he just said, ” Bruce was always playing the God D*** guitar which made him late for baseball practice. Back in the Glory Days it wasn’t creepy for the baseball coach to pick up his players for practice or games in his White not Pink Cadillac.

  54. Ruth

    why do I want to attend? silly question don’t you think?

  55. Kate

    We would love the opportunity to go to this fun-filled, Boss honoring event!  We’re still riding the emotional high of getting our tickets for the March 29th show (my First!, the boyfriend’s 9th!!), and it would be a perfect way to spend our Valentine’s Day(ish), especially when I first won his heart by talking about “Prove It All Night”.  We are faithful followers of cover band E Street Shuffle, and would love to dance it up to the B Street Band to prep ourselves for the real thing in March.  Thank you!

  56. Paul Deppen

    I grew up on Springsteen, my dad being a HUGE fan it’s what I always heard growing up.  I cannot listen to his music without feeling like I’m a kid again riding around NE Philly in his old Oldsmobile Cutlass. My dad always catches at least one show when Bruce is out on tour (usually more if he can) and I am proud to say that I have shared in that tradition ever since he took me to my first Boss concert during the 99 reunion tour.  It would be awesome to share the opening night of the exhibit with the father that raised me to be a “tramp.”

  57. Jeanne

    I love Bruce – what more can I say?

  58. CS

    Because his home away from home is here in this city of brotherly love… where we make cheesesteaks big as airplanes

  59. Susan

    As a long-time fan of Springsteen — I saw him at the Main Point in Bryn Mawr — I would truly treasure winning  the opening celebration.

  60. Charles

    My wife kissed Bruce Springsteen as a teenager many years ago. Her story makes me laugh. I enjoy looking at her Bruce Springsteen autograph which is mounted on the wall of our home. I have listened to Bruce  and th e street band from Greetings, Wild, Born, et al many years ago as each albumn was released. Neither of us have ever been to the National Constituton Center. I t would be fun. Charles

  61. NJShoreFan

    I am a younger fan so I cannot say I have seen shows in all different decades and all over the world. But in the last five years of being a hardcore fan, I have seen the boss all over and lucky enough to have seen him in Asbury Park a total of 8 times!! Been lucky enough to meet him on a few occasions and am very excited for the upcoming tour. Should be interesting to see the style that E Street Band turns too. Hope I get picked to me there for opening day and I would love to be one of the first to check out the exhibit. Also a huge B street band fan and looking forward to seeing them play! BRUUUUCE!!!

  62. Diane Wilkes

    I want to win because I was too stupid to buy tickets in advance. 🙂

  63. Mattriess

    This would make a great gift for my dad’s birthday! He is a huge Boss fan and has been seeing him for 3 decades!!!

  64. Garry Engelberg

    I haven’t seen Brooooooooce since the 80’s and even though the Big Man is no longer with us he has always given us some incredible shows I never walked out of one dissapointed and would love to see him again after all these years my email is

  65. Renee Bair

    I am a HUGE Bruce fan since 1973 and have been fortunate enough to see him and the EStreet Band many times from many cities including Bryn Mawr, Trenton, San Francisco, and Philadelphia.  My children grew up on Bruce and the band and have been exposed to my mania over getting concert tickets to see him through the years.  This year has been particularly difficult……
    Many years ago while driving in my car my 5 year old daughter was being fresh, our cousin tuned to her in the back seat and told her to behave.  My daughter said you’re not the boss of me, cousin replyed, Who’s the boss?  ” Bruce Springsteen” she yelled back.  We laughed so hard.! 

  66. Cathy Ennis

    Bruce has always been my Jersey boy. 🙂

  67. Terry

    It’s ‘The Boss’, what else needs to be said?!

  68. Lucinda Bright

    My son, who is 6, is a huge Bruce fan. Ever since seeing him on the Superbowl when he was  3 ( I know, crazy, right?) he was been obsessed with his swagger and his music. From documentaries, to videos, and this year, a record player which was purchased solely to play Bruce records, he emulates Bruce, and looks up to his musical prowess.

    Coming from parents who are both musicians (having had our music played on XPN, and also touring the local show circuit, including many nights at The Saint in Asbury Park), we were surprised and amused at his discovery of The Boss. Neither my husband, nor myself, really appreciated Bruce in the way that we do now, thanks to the introduction by our fledgling-musician-son.

    His birthday is on the 25th of this month, and his socks would be knocked off, literally, if he could take a trip with Bruce down Thunder Road.

  69. Karen

    I’ve seen Bruce everytime he’s been in Philly since the ’80’s.  I can’t make his show in March as I will be out of the county but can be at the opening night of this show.  Bruce was the first and only ticket I camped outside of a Ticketmaster for.  And I would do it again……

  70. richard linsenberg

    I love celebrations!

  71. Leannewt

    Because I feel lucky.

  72. Lgoodson522

    I’ve been a huge fan since I was 13 in ’75 and 37 years later, this would be the perfect gift for me since I’m going to turn (gulp) 50 this year! I’ve seen him countless times, I’ve slept out for ticekts, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him, kissing his cheek, going on a road trip to Cleveland with my sister and our daughters, but seeing the exhibit here in our hometown on the eve of my big 50 would be the icing on the cake!

  73. cate

    It would be a travesty for anyone but an NJ person to win this. I and friends have been Bruce fans when he was an unknown NJ guy playing at my college and we promoted him consistently.. I used to have musician friends come to my college in NJ in 1973 when no one knew who he was because he was just so fresh and new and fun! We had so much fun. He would come to the college pub and play pool and have a drink with us after the show. Then, I worked in restaurants in the Asbury Park area summers to pay my way through college. He would just show up at the Stone Pony and play with bands or just sit and watch. He could do that then. Not many knew who he was. I took his Asbury Park album with me when I went on spring break to visit my NJ friend at her Calif. school and couldn’t get it back for weeks. They loved it!

  74. Displaced New Yorker

    I’ve never been to a Springsteen concert, and by attending the opening, I can continue my streak. (Darn!)

  75. Kevin

    The Boss and the E Street Band and I go way back….and I wasn’t even a fan really when I went to my first show. I first saw them on December 8th, 1980, the night John Lennon was killed. I had liked the song Hungry Heart that had just been released, and a friend convinced me to shell out the whopping sum of $27 to go see the show. They played for four hours that night, and I saw a band that was in love with the music and their audience, and I was forever changed. I wish I could say that it took my mind off the loss of John the next day, but perhaps nothing on earth would have been able to do that. Bruce has been the soundtrack of my life for the last 32 years, and it would be an honor to be there that night to celebrate his life and music. 

  76. Llauria

    Bruce, Philly, Flying Fish Beer… favorites.  Unfortunately I’m part of the 99% and couldn’t afford the $50/ticket admission price.  I hope someone decides to “take care of our own” and have pity on this Bruce fan!  I would LOVE to be there that night!  Thank you – Laura

  77. Anonymous

    We are seeing Bruce 4x this Spring and the Bruce budget is busted!  We need free tix for the opening on February 15th!

  78. Guy Campo

    You got hand it to a New Jersey guy who earned his degree, not at an institute of higher education but by playing music in the seaside bars. If you did a timeline on Bruce, you will probably find the most amazing journey of any musician in history. He’s a musician who after 40+ years never faded from the spotlight and continues to perform at the highest level to audiences worldwide. He sings in every language – the language of rocknroll! As a fan, I’m happy to have been there to enjoy the ride since “Greetings From Asbury Park”. I’m looking forward to seeing this exhibit.

  79. Cindi

    As a senior in high school my girlfriend invited me to go to LBI and see some guy she thought I’d really like at “The Garage”. As soon as he walked on stage, a mere 20 feet away, with his smokes rolled up in the sleeve of his T-shirt and started singing I was glad I made the trip. A Jersey Girl, born and bred I am, Springsteen is part of that.  I haven’t seen him in concert since.

  80. Megbuchanan24

    The Boss was a staple in my house growing up. My brother would dress up as Bruce from the Born in the USA cover and we would sing his songs all day long. My now 10 year old sister ( 20 years younger!)  Alli could recognize Thunder Road on the radio at the age of three. I’ve traveled all the way to Dublin to see Bruce with the family. I would love to give these tickets to my parents as a sign of thanks for Introducing the Boss to me so many years ago!

  81. Jacayna

    I Love Bruce!

  82. Cindy Matthews Landis

     ooooh oooooh pick meeeee pick meeee! I just really want to go to this!

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