This Week’s Contest: Win a pair of tickets (and a limited-edition poster) to see Dr. Dog at Electric Factory on March 25th!


Photo by Chris Crisman

This week, we’ve got a pair of tickets for Dr. Dog’s performance at Electric Factory on Sunday, March 25th (as well as a limited-edition screen print poster). For a chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment below by 5 p.m. Wednesday, March 21st. We’ll select the winners at random that evening and notify them via email; once you’ve confirmed that you and your guest will be attending the show, your names will be added to the venue’s guest list. (Just make sure to use a valid email address when posting your comment; we promise not to sell your contact info or sign you up for anything—we just want to be able to get in touch with you if you win.)



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92 Responses to “This Week’s Contest: Win a pair of tickets (and a limited-edition poster) to see Dr. Dog at Electric Factory on March 25th!”

  1. Efinn85

    well this is awesome

  2. Jen Foster

    Can’t wait to hang with you guys!  Been missing the Dog.

  3. Roy Heintzelman

    OMG, I would love to go see Dr. Dog!

  4. Joe Power

    I hate when people say those were the days, oh what are these then?

  5. Rich

    the new album rocks! this is the greatest live band in philly right now! would love to win these tix….the FAN was amazing!!

  6. Colinthechef

    I really am starting to like Dr Dog, was recommended by a Paul Weller interview, now I have to buy the whole back collection and want to see them live!

  7. Brian V.

    I enjoy Dr. Dog. 

  8. Tim Duffy

    please… to see Dr. Dog… thanx you veddy much…

  9. Dr_gingivitis

    I have nothing witty to say.

  10. jschloss


  11. jschloss

    pretty please with a cherry on top

  12. Amanda

    LOVE Dr. Dog and would LOVE to go to the show!!

  13. Marjorie Poumaroux

    Great show ! I’d really like to go!

  14. Anonymous

    I’d love to win a pair of tickets!

  15. Anonymous

    I’d love to win a pair of tickets!

  16. Gregory Snyder

    Pick me!

  17. Kathryn T.

    Love dr. Dog, my dad and I always listen to them during father daughter bonding time! I would take my daddy if I won 🙂

  18. Vic0707

    I want to see Dr. Dog!

  19. LJC

    Dr. Dog is amazing!   Would love to win the tickets!

  20. Em Cassel

    Oh, pleeeease pick me. I’ll be in Philly visiting my mom that weekend anyway, and we’d both love to go!

  21. StarGazerLily

    Jupiter transiting my Mars forecasts lucky breaks, so therefore, these tickets are mine….and, don’t argue with the stars, or Saturn will take it’s toll on your personal life (and don’t get me started on the wrath of Pluto).  gratefully yours: StarGazerLily

  22. Tony F.

    FREEBIRD!!!    (….jk, i kind of hate that song, actually…)

  23. Sarah Digioia

    Love to see these guys!

  24. Dortheasterling


  25. Lesley

    Would love to see these guys!

  26. StarGazerLily

    stargazerlily6@hotmail:disqus .com

  27. Cortney

    Please please please! (fingers double crossed!)

  28. Jonathan S Sgro

    Much love for the Dog.

  29. wayne

    Dr dog rocks. I want to move along to the show!

  30. Evan

    “Ain’t it strange” how much I want to go to this show?

  31. Benachtabowski

    Dr. Dog!!!!! Can’t wait. The new stuff was awesome at the Free At Noon. 

  32. whooper

    Whoooper Dooooops ueauh!!

  33. Chris

    Dr. Dog is March Madness!!! For real.

  34. Jesse

    Dr Dizzled for shizzle! please send me to the show!

  35. emily.

    “The dog is barkin’ out back…” he thinks I should get the free ticketssss!

  36. Brendanc215

    I dont want to die in your arms, I just want to see Dr.Dog for free.

  37. Taylor

    How do you win

  38. StephanieMcKay

    And we’re all in it together now… I’ll sit around and wait for you.

  39. kanda

    FUn FUN FUNNN I love everyone

  40. Zach

    can i get one of their dr. dog winter caps?

  41. Mgbphotog

    I’d like to thank my beautiful wife and my kids watching from home …. Thanks for picking me! Now back to the show…….

  42. Powers_christopher

    I’ll throw my comment on this wall… to see if it will stick…. hope it does the trick

  43. mkr


  44. Anonymous

    this guy wants to see Dr. Dog!!

  45. Donald

    My friend and I were trying to think of Philly bands that were breaking big and we realized we failed to think of Philly bands going national as “Philly” bands. It took me forever to remember Kurt Vile and we’d been talking about Chiddy Bang, literally, 5 minutes before, but I completely forgot to include them. Anyway, we were talking about this very show coming to town so it’d be nice to bring that conversation full circle in its own way.

  46. Rhys Asplundh

    Exit For Sale/The World May Never Know.  (A Poem by The Pretender) 

    Ain’t It Strange? The Shame, Shame of being a Goner and Living a Dream in California and Alaska? What a Strange Day when I heard the Old News of My Old Ways, trying to Keep a Friend, The Girl, when I was Lonesome; shooting The Breeze in a Fools Life. Wake up and Hang On! Even the Dutchman Falls on his Worst Trip, but you should Say Something, even The ABC’s, My Friend, Adeline, Over Here, Over There. 
    Later Today, I’ll visit the Shadow People and sell my last Rabbit, Bat and The Reindeer, hoping they won’t Die, Die Die On Man. Turning The Century can feel like That Old Black Hole; even Jackie Wants a Black Eye! Oh No. 
    Unbearable Why – The Way the Lazy Do!? Turn off that Heavy Light, Big Girl and Do The Trick!We All Belong, but please Drop Me Off.  

  47. Applejack48

    Dr. Dog is our cat’s favorite band.

  48. Scott Hanson

    Oh, please, pick me! Thx, XPN!

  49. Craig

    Please, so I can take my daughter!

  50. Hamer Thomas

    Must attend show!!!

  51. Grant

    Hit me up with some tickets, please.

  52. Mailwoman

    Heeeeeeyyyyy BABY 😉

  53. Eye Lid McGee

     Ill get you one of their beannies, on the house

  54. T.

    can I walk these dogs?

  55. Bryan Shaffer

    Uh… some burgers, some beers, a few laughs. Our f**kin’ troubles are over, Dude.

  56. Mdrumm21

    zero shot you pick me for free tickets

  57. Akodesign00

    Dr. Dog has been a favorite of mine for soo long! Very excited to get a chance to win the tickets that will finally let me see them live!!!  Please pick me!

  58. tom frenchu

    $300 parking ticket from philadelphia…. hopefully luck returns to me!

  59. Michele F.

    It’ll be a great show!

  60. Drkrdean

    Dr. Dog and I got our Ph.D.’s together. 

  61. Heather

    Would love to go!

  62. gg

    I really like Dr. Dog!

  63. Adam7777777777

    dr. dog what up.

  64. Irishdrum11

    Dr. Dog earned their Ph.D. in excellence.

  65. WFB

    I love Dr Dog. I’ve seen then thrice (one was at XPoNential fest) and they have always impressed. But I would love to see them in a more intimate venue a la The Electric Factory!

  66. Pfeif34

    Dr.Dog makes Philly proud

  67. Gwen

    Would love to see Dr. Dog in concert!

  68. Aluminumpark

    Its well known that Dr. Dog was a prominent influence on The Beatles.

  69. Dogshitaco

    Three pizzas

  70. Anonymous

    I would love to see Dr. Dog!

  71. WhatWorks4U

    would like to bring my daughter to her first concert and it be Dr. Dog that we see!!!!

  72. Tea

    Still haven’t seen them live, but own all their records! This would be amazing! Thank you for the possible raffle win here!

  73. Ron Taylor

    from the real ale fest to this show would great

  74. Tom

    My little brother and I jam to Stranger, My Friend, and Say Something. Would love to take him!

  75. Joeycar

    I’ll be the only guy there with a white beard

  76. Ryan Brower

    Dr. Dog is as Philly as it gets

  77. rachael salahub


  78. Ekeffect

    Hope there’s pizza again

  79. mikeee

    Free at noon got me hyped to see them at the electric factory!

  80. Momomyles

    Dr dog rules!!!

  81. Kelly

    Dr. Dog just makes me happy!

  82. TrayinPA

    Pick me! Pick me! Please and thank you.

  83. Katebryant22


  84. Sarah

    Hey now. I like Dr. Dog. I like free.

  85. Luke Butler

    It’s a shame (shame) we can’t all win because we all belong at the concert, but when I wake up I hope to find that I’ve won the tickets!

  86. Raymond Molnar

    Yards real ale invitational and Dr Dog show in the same day…that would be awesome!!!!

  87. urkers

    Mwah mwah kisses kisses go viral young warrior man

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