This Week’s Contest: Win a pair of tickets to see Citizen Cope at Electric Factory in October


This week, we’ve got a pair of tickets for each of Citizen Cope‘s performance at Electric Factory on Friday, October 26th, and Saturday, October 27th. The tickets don’t go on sale until this Saturday at noon, so this is your chance to win a pair before they even become available to the public. All you have to do is leave a comment below by 5 p.m. Thursday, May 17th. We’ll select the winners at random that evening and notify them via email; once you’ve confirmed that you and your guest will be attending the show, your names will be added to the venue’s guest list. (Just make sure to use a valid email address when posting your comment; we promise not to sell your contact info or sign you up for anything—we just want to be able to get in touch with you if you win.)

Below, you can listen to the title track from Citizen Cope’s upcoming album, One Lovely Day (due July 17th).



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65 Responses to “This Week’s Contest: Win a pair of tickets to see Citizen Cope at Electric Factory in October”

  1. jim

    sure would love to see citizen cope at the EF

  2. Chris

    These tickets would make a great anniversary gift for me and my lady!

  3. StephanieMcKay

    I’m a citizen and I would find it hard to cope if I didn’t win some tix. 

  4. Laurajmccolgan

    This would be a great way for me to spend a Saturday night! Love me some Citizen Cope!

  5. Frances Carr

    It would be one lovely day if I found out I won these tickets! 

  6. Gerg


  7. hanna

    just listened to his whole discography yesterday. would love this!

  8. Donna

    Great timing this would be FANTASTIC – my daughter’s birthday is Oct 25 –   tickets to see Citizen Cope would be such a SWEET gift and the best part would be that I get to go too!

  9. Patricianutritionist

    Love the Cope!

  10. Lbarker

    Tickets please

  11. Molly Reynolds

    Citizen Cope was the highlight of XPoNential for my friend and I last summer, and we’d love to see him again!

  12. Jennifer

    Would love tickets! Fingers crossed.

  13. Marjorie

    Citizen Cope is such an awesome act! Can’t wait to see him again!

  14. Liesbeth

    One Lovely Day in October I would love to see Citizen Cope with my husband or with my son!

  15. tom bombadil

    my girlfriend and i are both huge cope fans but have never gotten to see him, would love to get a chance to finally catch him live! WXPN + The KEY= THE TOPS!

  16. MZ

    Citizen Cope tickets would surely make turn this mid-week Wednesday frown updside down!

  17. BenAchtabowski

    yo yo I’m in 

  18. Ladyjade417

    Oooohh!!!! Pick me! Pick me!

  19. Alessia

    Citizen Cope is one band I have OBSESSED over for many years. Countless times when I had no one to help me through, his songs brought me out of the dark. He is trully an inspiration to me nad always has been. After many years of heart break and just no luck in love, I have finally met the most AMAZING person that completes me in EVERY way, October is the month we will celebrate our 2nd year together and I can not possibly think of a better present to the both of us, than to see Citizen Cope live as I’ve turned her on to his art as well. Thank you for your consideration. God Bless. Alessia

  20. Kat

    Pick me!

  21. Chad

    pick me pick me

  22. Rliberato3

    I keep thinkin’ any moment that time will take them away…

  23. Rrp268

    It would be awesome to win tickets to this show!

  24. Charles Bodner

    Citizen Cope is one of the few bands my siblings and I like to go see together. I know if I win I’ll be taking my sister Alicia and if she wins she better take me!! Love ya Lici!

  25. Liciasayz89

    Citizen Cope is definitely one of my favorite bands and also a band my brothers all love to see together 🙂 It would be absolutely amazing to be able to go with them again! And I would, without a doubt, be taking my older brother, Chuck! Both of us all the way in the front row singing every single song! Love Cope and my brother 🙂

  26. Lindsay Schneider

    LOVE ME SOME COPE! But I have never seen him live! Would LOVE the opportunity! XPN…you are by far THE BEST radio station around!!

  27. Kat Dumenigo

    Ya know it ain’t easy…to get tix. I’d love to win some to go see Citizen Cope!

  28. Shesheshed

    Oct 26th is my hubby’s 45th birthday and I would love to surprise him with a night out to see his favorite band! (5 kids..four under the age of 6 so we don’t get out much!!) we will have plenty of time to rest up so we can stay awake past 11pm!!

  29. Tina Whitlow

    I want to see Clarence!!

  30. Philip Saylor

    Would love some tickets. Xponential 2011 made me a huge fan.

  31. Bruzeke

    Great at the XPN Fest last summer! I need another dose!

  32. Bass2buddha

    I’d love to see this man live! he’s got such soul that i couldn’t even imagine the energy he gives off while performing 

  33. Colettefay

    My sister is moving to california this fall and I would love to make this memory with her before she leaves! Please pick me 🙂

  34. Michelle Hendrickson Masters

    I never win anything.. but I stay optimistic! Its such a beautiful time of the year for such a talented singer/song writer to visit the City of Brotherly Love! Good luck, everyone!

  35. JoeMcD22

    I love Clarence!!! I have seen him live three times in Philly and it gets better every time. There is nothing better than listening to Cope with my top down on the way to the shore! I would be truly grateful to see Cope in October with my new wife because he is one of the few aritists we love to listen to together, this would be a great wedding present!!!

  36. Creslier

    I’ve been a fan ever since I first heard him.  Would love to see him again

  37. Grant

    Never seen him. Lets win some tix.

  38. youryellowbird

    Gimme the tickets!

  39. Noahhardt

    Very excited to see that e is playing two nights.

  40. Aaron


  41. Angie


  42. Rich Skoczylas

    I saw Citizen’s solo show at Steel Stack’s in Bethlehem PA a
    few months back. Incredible!  I have been
    checking the web for tour dates ever since that night for a chance to see the whole band

  43. Mrncat

    I would love to see Citizen Cope this autumn in Philly!

  44. Theresa_hermann

    Clarence,oh how I love you.

  45. Phillyfang

    Citizen Cope has continued to put out a steady stream of great music, it baffles me that he’s not been recognized by mainstream music channels. Not a better song writer out there!  

  46. LilianJane

    I’d like to go…love an autumn concert!

  47. mark_red

    The Healing Hands recording from the Free at Noon show is in my top ten playlist 

  48. Vidacita

    I’m probably an atypical fan of the man’s songwriting, but then that is the case with a lot of things in my life. School got in the way of seeing him the last few times he was around. I graduated Monday so I’d love to win tickets!

  49. Cad

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Citizen Cope!!!

  50. Allgoodthings1

    Pick me, Pick me!!!!

  51. LitteD

    Love Cope’s new stuff.  Even better live.

  52. Babs

    a win like this this would definitely carry me through the hurricane waters. 

  53. Judysnshine

    Love citizen

  54. Samantha Miller

    Please please please pick me!  I LOVE Clarence!!!

  55. Huder Kait

    ah this would be so so so amazing!!!!

  56. Ngharris91

    I have always wanted to see citizen cope!! you guys rock!

  57. jordanunroe

    I would LOVE to win tickets for Citizen Cope. I’ve always said that there’s nothing in this world like live music and I’m sure Citizen Cope would prove my point.

  58. Caroline Schilgen

    Oh yeah!

  59. Molly

    I saw Citizen Cope a few years ago when they played a free concert at Loyola University. It was the perfect night … twilight, 75 degrees with just a whisper of a breeze and one of my favorite artists playing 10 feet from me. Pure magic. 

  60. Lisa Ferguson

    I have been a fan of Citizen Cope for years now and love playing The RainWater and Every Waking Moment when I cook, especially on Sundays when I get to relax with a glass of wine! I haven’t been to a concert since I was in my late 20’s (now in early 50’s, whew!) and would absolutely love to win some tickets. I also just passed the Board exam which calls for a lot celebration 🙂

  61. Sixer1

    Clarence Greenwood is an amazing poet! His lyrics are strong, emotional, touching. The new song (One Lovely Day) is great! I have seen Citizen Cope many times, at many venues, and am truly looking forward to this show.

  62. kathy

    “On 10/26th/27th – Hopefully”
    In a couple of hoursCC is comingAnd I’m hittin’ the door runnin,The gasoline is burningAnd I couldn’t explain why…

    Yes, I can…nowhere else I’d rather be but in there with CC…
    fingers crossed

  63. Natalie

    I’ve wanted to see him for SO long- I’d love to go!

  64. Gretchen Jackson

    The first song I heard from Citizen Cope was Let the Drummer Kick. After finding out who the artist was,I immediately ran out and bought the only 3 CD’s I was able to find. I was instantly hooked to literally every song. He is by far one of my favorites. I can’t wait to see him perform live.

  65. Melaniemh

    Citizen Cope and XPN–can’t get much better than that!

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