My Morning Download: “Invisible Light” by Rachael Sage


Photo © Bill Bernstein

Since her debut in 1995, New York singer-songwriter Rachel Sage has been building a significant fan base around the world on her own terms. Like Ani DiFranco, Sage started her own label, MPress Records, to release her own albums. She tours relentlessly, has a feverish and loyal fan base, and recently released her 10th album, Haunted By You. Sage’s music falls into the Tori Amos/Adele/Ingrid Michaelson category, Over the years Sage’s work has been overshadowed by by those three women, yet Sage has matured into an excellent songwriter with insight into the human conditions that avoids cliche and has a unique voice. Below, download “Invisible Light” from Rachael’s new album, Haunted By You.



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