My Morning Download” “Fergus Falls” by Field Report


Field Report is the work of singer-songwriter Chris Porterfield, who was in the band DeYarmond Edison with Justin Vernon and Megafaun. A native of Minnesota, Porterfield moved to Milwaukee where he’s been working on the songs for the six years. Field Report’s self-titled debut album is being released on September 11th on Partisan Records. The band is also touring this summer with the Counting Crows and will be performing at the XPoNential Music Festival in July. Field Report’s debut is filled with gorgeous songs, anchored by Porterfield’s haunting, contemplative and melancholic vocals and musical textures that bridge the gap between songwriters like Jackson Browne, Marc Eitzel and John Prine with the subtle atmospheric glean of bands like Talk Talk and songs like Peter Gabriel’s “Mercy Street.” The sound of Field Report’s debut is acoustic, warm and gorgeous; the lyrics capture the sadness, determination and resolve of life’s richest emotions. In many ways Field Report reminds me of Jackson Browne’s classic Late For The Sky; in the songs there is constant emotional struggle between reality and idealism, between youthfulness and maturity; the playing is absolutely magnificent and like Browne, as a storyteller, Porterfield creates a marvelous sense of place that you walk into and never want to leave. There’s a powerful musical brilliance to be heard and felt on Field Report’s debut. Below, download three songs from the album.



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