The Key Studio Sessions: Vintage Kicks


Five piece pop-punk group Vintage Kicks rocks out with an irreverent mix of regional pride and self-deprication that’s unique to the Philly area in general, South Jersey in specific. As boisterous as the handful of tracks recorded for their Key Studio Session were, I love how much they also felt honest and reflective: the bit in “Gimmie Gimmie” about the cost of a history degree versus a job as a waiter; the biting fun of the forthcoming single “Bad News Broski”; the righteous defeatism of “King Geek.” That last one is also the title track to their debut full length, a record whose jagged guitars and bouncing synths made it a favorite around The Key last year. It splits the difference between Devo and Blink-182, if you will, and the band as a live unit is tight and full of energy. Check out the tracks below, and catch Vintage Kicks in concert this Friday, June 29, at World Cafe Live.



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