Get psyched to hear The Who play Quadrophenia by watching The Who’s Quadrophenia (coming to The Wells Fargo Center in December)


Both a classic double album of the early 70s and a cult favorite rock film of the late 70s, Quadrophenia is being paraded out by The Who late this year and early next to celebrate the band’s album’s 40th anniversary. According to the band’s website, the tour is stopping at The Wells Fargo Center on Dec. 8. If you’ve never seen it, the movie is a lot of fun – mods versus rockers high drama, motorcycles and street fights, loud guitar chords…and the entire thing is on YouTube. Kick back and watch it below. And stay tuned here for more information about when you can get tickets.

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  • Pi

    There’s a documentary about this record, the movie, and the band playing in theatres on Tuesday, July 24th. It’ll be at the Riverview and the University City 6 in Philly.

    • John Vettese

      Thanks Pi! Awesome to know.

  • Josh Pincus

    Will John Entwistle be on this tour? I haven’t heard much from him recently?

    • George Gagner

      Josh–maybe you should join him, with your disgusting sense of humor.