Download The Key’s XPoNential Music Festival 2012 Sampler!


The 2012 XPoNential Music Festival is upon us, and we’re happy to say that, along with the national big names Wilco and Counting Crows headlining, we’ve got a solid offering of some of our favorite homegrown music on the bill. Dr. Dog and Dave Hause on Saturday, the Good Old War On Work Drugs triumverate across the weekend, singer-songwriters Matt Santry and Dana Alexandra, synth poppers City Rain and gothic Americana four-piece The Bailey Hounds. Most of those musicians have recorded for WXPN in one form or another, and as we get ready to open the gates at 5 today, we present you with The Key’s XPoNential Music Festival 2012 Sampler. You can download the entire thing here, and load it onto your iPod for the car ride over to Wiggins Park tonight. Tracklisting after the jump.

The Key’s XPoNential Music Festival 2012 Sampler
1. Dana Alexandra “The Summer Song” (live from Free at Noon)
2. City Rain “Real Good” (Key Studio Session)
3. Dr. Dog “Lonesome” (Live at the World Cafe)
4. Good Old War “Better Weather” (live from Free at Noon)
5. Work Drugs “Third Wave” (Key Studio Session)
6. The Bailey Hounds “Those Devils Don’t Scare Me” (Key Studio Session)
7. The War on Drugs “Brothers” (Key Studio Session)
8. Dave Hause “C’mon Kid” (Key Studio Session)
9. City Rain “I’m Gone” (Key Studio Session)
10. The Bailey Hounds “Along The Gallows” (Key Studio Session)
11. Dana Alexandra “You Will or You Won’t” (live from Free at Noon)
12. Work Drugs “Curious Serge” (Key Studio Session)
13. Good Old War “Calling Me Names” (live from Free at Noon)
14. The War on Drugs “Black Water Falls” (Key Studio Session)



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