XPoNential Fest: J.D. McPherson rocks out with the crowd (photos, audio, setlist)


This afternoon, the smooth rockin’, doo-woppy dude on the road from Oklahoma, J.D. McPherson, played on the Marina Stage with his American rock ‘n roll band. His smooth beats and slicked back hair caused a ruckus, forcing the audience to boogie down. Along the hill, people were standing up, clapping hands, and doin’ the twist. His music is reminiscent to something heard on the radio in your 1950’s cadillac. He also played his hit single “North Side Gal” and everybody sang along; what a great, rock heavy show it was. Check out the photo gallery above and the set list below for more coverage. Also listen to the entire performance here (via the WXPN media player).

Dimes For Nickels
Country Boy
Farmer John
Signs & Signifiers
I Can’t Complain
Your Love (All I’m Missing
North Side Gal
Wolf Teeth
Scratchin’ Circles



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3 Responses to “XPoNential Fest: J.D. McPherson rocks out with the crowd (photos, audio, setlist)”

  1. Gbalock

    I think that this was the best performance I heard all weekend! He should have been on the main stage.

  2. Sandra Pendragon

    They were soo excellent.  You could not will yourself to sit still if you had to!  EVERYONE was rockin.  I would have to say my favorite of Sunday, maybe even the weekend.

  3. DonH

    Gawd, that was fun!  All JD lacked was a pack o’ Lucky Strikes rolled up on one sleeve.

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